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Hypocrisy? You be the judge.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway “has been able to plow so much into renewable energy because it can use tax credits to offset profit at other businesses.” How much did he “plow” in? Seems Mr. Buffett didn’t even know, but, when told … Continue reading

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“Go on, take the money and run!”

“Even while accepting Arkansas state taxpayer subsidies (millions), (German owned wind turbine manufacturer) Nordex officials said they needed more certainty of additional federal subsidies to keep their production facility open.” _________________________________________ When will we ever learn? _________________________________________  

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Industrial Wind’s Limited Power Potential

Jay Lehr, PhD:  “After two decades of huge subsidies for wind energy, nowhere in the world has an array of wind turbines replaced a single conventional power plant.” Two scorching days here along the Allegheny Front and the turbine blades … Continue reading

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China’s US wind strategy: “globalization through localization”

According to sources, China’s State Grid Corp is in talks to purchase an 80% controlling interest in US based AES Corp’s wind business.  A Reuters article stated that China’s “cash-flush state-owned power companies” are on a buying spree and, it seems to me, the US wind … Continue reading

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Industrial wind and the PTC – Permanent Tin Cup

Senator Lamar Alexander notes in his recent speech before the Senate that the production tax credit (PTC) sought by the heavily funded American Wind Energy Association lobby was initially intended to be a temporary tax break when it began in … Continue reading

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Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 19, 2012

Items of interest: 1:This is post number 700 at the Allegheny Treasures blog, which started nearly 30 months ago.  I thought it might be fun to provide the link to the very first post, dated 9/28/2009 – Mountain Breezes – Green … Continue reading

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Section 1603 renewable subsidy must expire.

In an article at Master Resource, Lisa Linowes urges readers to contact their congressional representatives to demand that the Section 1603 subsidy be allowed to expire on December 31, 2011.  We highly recommend you read the article, which discusses the … Continue reading

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Incentives: the wind industry’s Happy Hour

“Happy Hour” is a marketing ploy used to draw new patrons to your bar and, obviously, to keep your loyals loyal.  One dollar beers, a few pigs in a blanket and extra special pretzels (the kind with lots of salt … Continue reading

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Christopher Horner: “Windmills have surpassed ethanol’s pocket-pickery.”

A must read by Christopher C. Horner at Big Business, “Meet the New Ethanol:  Wind Blows Past Corn as Subsidy King, No end in Sight.” Mr. Horner describes in detail the massive taxpayer hand-out status achieved by industrial wind, or … Continue reading

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“the public is building these wind farms for the investors and in return we get our electricity bills increased”

Earlier in November we posted this: Now this is some hope and change:  “President Obama’s top advisers recommended cutting off funding for a federal loan-guarantee program meant to spur the construction of wind and solar farms and other alternative energy … Continue reading

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