Section 1603 renewable subsidy must expire.

In an article at Master Resource, Lisa Linowes urges readers to contact their congressional representatives to demand that the Section 1603 subsidy be allowed to expire on December 31, 2011.  We highly recommend you read the article, which discusses the efforts of Minnesota Congressman John Kline to eliminate the subsidy.

The heavily funded wind lobby is, of course, lined up at congressional representative’s doors pleading for continuation of the taxpayer hand-out in order that the profit driven industrial wind companies can continue to line their pockets at your expense.

In addition to the many excellent reasons Ms. Linowes offers to support elimination of the taxpayer funded subsidy for these energy imposters, I would add this:

Think it over folks!  Then contact your elected representatives.  You’ll find your Senator here and your Representative here.  Heck, you can even let the President know how you feel about handing over your hard earned cash to these, in Ms. Linowes’ words, “taxpayer parasites.”

Ms. Linowes is publisher of the very informative Industrial Wind Action Group web site.

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