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Wind And Solar Fantasy

Interesting read from Mark P. Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute – Transition to Nowhere … California’s switch to a primarily solar and wind-powered grid is a dead end. It seems recently “California governor Gavin Newsom issued emergency orders … Continue reading

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Great Britain’s Winter Fears

Way back in 2011, we linked to an article by Bryan Preston titled “UK electricity CEO: Get used to not having any electricity, suckas!” Mr. Preston said at the time, “Steve Hollliday is the UK’s power czar, basically. He’s the … Continue reading

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Killing Eagles – Rating The Responses (updated links)

Under pressure from the wind-power industry, the Obama administration said Friday it will allow companies to kill or injure eagles without the fear of prosecution for up to three decades.  (For your convenience, I’ve provided the complete FWS ruling as … Continue reading

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C. (Kees) le Pair – Facts About The Savings Of Fossil Fuel

AT Note:  While this study of industrial wind’s ability to replace fossil fuel is focused on data specific to The Netherlands, it should give pause to the efforts in the US to blanket our countryside with these enormous and very … Continue reading

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American Bird Conservancy sues Federal Agencies over access to industrial wind correspondence.

Notes from the Media Release: In a lawsuit filed today (June 26, 2012) in Washington D.C. District Court American Bird Conservancy has accused the federal government of suppressing information about wind energy projects and their potential negative impact on America’s … Continue reading

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Industrial wind and the PTC – Permanent Tin Cup

Senator Lamar Alexander notes in his recent speech before the Senate that the production tax credit (PTC) sought by the heavily funded American Wind Energy Association lobby was initially intended to be a temporary tax break when it began in … Continue reading

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I don’t even know where to start!

If you haven’t seen the recent legislative offering from Congressman Paul Tonko, D-NY, I’d strongly suggest you read it closely.  The requirements placed on the Department of Energy in his H. R. 2782 – “To provide for a program of … Continue reading

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THE EMPTY PROMISE OF GREEN JOBS THE COSTLY CONSEQUENCES OF CRONY CAPITALISM September 22, 2011 ———- AT Note:  Allow me to emphasize this visual from the report: ————- AT Note:  John Droz Jr. suggests that the 2011 EIA subsidy graph … Continue reading

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News flash! Politicians support popular idea.

Politicians!  Only in the fantasy world of industrial wind would they be used as a beacon of credibility. Where else would folks so desperate to promote an expensive, poor performing relic of the wooden shoe era look for support if … Continue reading

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Night and day on Capitol Hill

A few of us visited our West Virginia Senators in Washington last week for a little discussion on renewable energy.  Our focus was industrial wind since, at least in West Virginia and the Appalachian Mountains, that’s the major thorn in … Continue reading

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