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Science … What Should Taxpayers Expect?

As in any enterprise, if you happily pay for little … little is what you’ll get! From the following commentary: “The inescapable conclusion is that we are spending tens of billions of dollars on essentially pointless scientific activity: exponential increases … Continue reading

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Climate Science, A Worthwhile Discussion

From Jordan Peterson’s conversation with Dr. Richard Lindzen … Climate Science: What Does it Say? Introduction: “Jan 5, 2023 The Dr Jordan B Peterson Podcast Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Richard Lindzen dive into the facts of climate change, … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas Eve – PJM Grid Says … Lights Out!

Yep! From Michael Shellenberger’s Substack post today: Climate Alarmism Behind Christmas Energy Shortages “PJM is asking consumers to reduce their use of electricity, if health permits, between the hours of 4 a.m. on December 24, 2022 and 10 a.m. on … Continue reading

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Europe: Coal is back!

Links Courtesy of Net Zero Watch. Sign up for their email updates at their link. 1) Germany returns to coal as energy security trumps climate goalsBloomberg, 22 December 2022 2) Coal, no longer shunned, keeps Europe’s lights onThe Wall Street … Continue reading

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The Future Of Clean, Limitless Energy

A “Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough:” On Dec. 5, 2022, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California conducted a fusion reaction and succeeded in releasing more energy than was used to initiate the reaction. As the Forbes article notes, “The net … Continue reading

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Did the “Blue Dog” lose his bite?

It should come as no surprise to anyone watching the political shenanigans of the recent past that Lucy once again picked up the football and this time, when Charlie Brown kicked air, it was West Virginia’s own Senator Joe Manchin … Continue reading

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Every effort has been made at AT to keep politics out of the discussion. That will continue as much as possible in the future. In fact, with all the chaos going on in DC, I’ve taken a pause on issues … Continue reading

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Wind And Solar Fantasy

Interesting read from Mark P. Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute – Transition to Nowhere … California’s switch to a primarily solar and wind-powered grid is a dead end. It seems recently “California governor Gavin Newsom issued emergency orders … Continue reading

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Fossil For Me, Decarb for Thee

From the GWPF: “China uses the climate agenda both as a way to strengthen its economy and as a weapon for weakening other countries. It now monopolises the global wind and solar industries, although its own renewable energy infrastructure, as … Continue reading

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We’re Absolutely Certain The Science Is Sorta Settled

h/t – WUWT Noted Harvard Science Historian Naomi Oreskes suggested that since the science is settled the scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC’s) Working Group 1 (WG1)—the ones tasked with assessing the physical science basis of climate … Continue reading

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