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Dan’s Mountain – Be really careful!

About 15 miles down the road a “wind farm” Developer wants to place industrial size wind turbines on a beautiful little spot in Western Maryland named Dan’s Mountain. As you might expect, some of the local citizens are upset and … Continue reading

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Time to focus

For anyone wishing to educate themselves about Industrial Wind, beyond the information made available by the wind industry’s well financed AWEA (American Wind Energy Association), there are excellent sites which continue to provide news, information and studies.  These are operated … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Lost

Thanks to Dave Umling for providing this remarkable Yankee Magazine article – “Eminent Domain in Ascutney, Vermont | I Will Not Leave” Howard Mansfield tells the story of Romaine Tenney, a bachelor farmer.   According to Mr. Mansfield’s compelling story, Tenney … Continue reading

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Birthplace of Rivers

The producers of the following video suggest we “get to know West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest in this preview of an upcoming episode of ‘This American Land,’ produced in collaboration with The Pew Charitable Trusts.” Many thanks to Larry Thomas … Continue reading

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Industrial Wind’s Limited Power Potential

Jay Lehr, PhD:  “After two decades of huge subsidies for wind energy, nowhere in the world has an array of wind turbines replaced a single conventional power plant.” Two scorching days here along the Allegheny Front and the turbine blades … Continue reading

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A Cluttered Sky (Video)

We thank Mr. John Terry for allowing us to post his most recent video.  When asked to introduce “A Cluttered Sky,” Mr. Terry provided the following comments: “There are a lot of assumptions regarding wind energy. Some of these are … Continue reading

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Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 1, 2012

Items of Interest: 1-“Special political favor at the local, state, and federal levels have created an artificial industry: industrial windpower.” – MasterResource 2-“Ontarians interested in quickly finding the location of wind turbines in the province have their work cut out … Continue reading

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John Bambacus – “The Exploitation of Our Region’s Natural Resources”

AT Note:  This important letter has appeared in several publications, and we thank Mr. Bambacus for granting permission to post here: The Exploitation of Our Region’s Natural Resources Consider this for a moment: The City of Frostburg is providing city … Continue reading

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New Garrett County (MD) Commissioners asked to enact industrial wind moratorium.

AT Note:  Following is the text of a recent letter sent to the newly elected Garrett County (Maryland) Commissioners by Mr. John Bambacus.  We thank Mr. Bambacus for allowing us to post. Commissioners-elect Raley, Crawford and Gatto Nearly two years … Continue reading

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“Now is a good time to consider the massive misinformation campaign wind power proponents have whipped up in the mountains.”

Daren Bakst writes at StarNews Online: ‘Extremists’ push wind power regardless of the cost Mr. Bask, in his article focusing on North Carolina suggests, “While most attention has focused on mountain ridgelines, there’s been little focus on massive industrial wind … Continue reading

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