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Wind to Work

We thank the Allegheny Highlands Alliance for granting permission to post their most recent video titled, “Wind to Work.” The Allegheny Highlands Alliance (AHA) is a consortium of citizen/environment organizations with membership in five states along the Allegheny Front. AHA … Continue reading

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Industrial Wind’s Limited Power Potential

Jay Lehr, PhD:  “After two decades of huge subsidies for wind energy, nowhere in the world has an array of wind turbines replaced a single conventional power plant.” Two scorching days here along the Allegheny Front and the turbine blades … Continue reading

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Industrial wind flunks out!

Our friends at Windtoons nail it with this take on our recent post about the dismal performance of wind. Industrial wind = FAILURE

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IESO Wind Tracker Link – View hourly reporting of actual v capacity of Ontario’s wind farms.

Note to readers:  The IESO Wind Tracker widget previously available for display in the post area has been disabled.  You can check the performance of wind by clicking on this highlighted link: Wind Power Generation in Ontario Ontario is on … Continue reading

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“GE’s wind turbines have a 98 percent so-called availability.” So? I’ve got a $250,000 insured limit on my savings … I’m still broke!

These numbers thrown about by the wind folks crack me up.  2.5 MW nameplate capacity, 98% ability of the turbine to capture available wind … c’mon people!  The turkeys just don’t work! GE says they see a $130 Billion jump in … Continue reading

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I know going from $15.3 to $42.1 Million seems like a lot in 1 year Commissioner, but this Smart Grid stuff is really confusing.

So, feeling pretty good about future energy cost estimates, are we?  Check this out this little ditty from the Boulder Colorado Daily Camera and then let me know how you feel: When Boulder was chosen for the smart grid project … Continue reading

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Industrial wind – the perfect energy solution for 1810.

Matthew Wald’s commentary in the New York Times suggests “Expanding Use of Wind Power Feasible, but May Be Costly.”  He writes that “Wind could replace coal and natural gas for 20 to 30 percent of the electricity used in the … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: “German Wind Farm Growth Threatens Power Grid, Handelsblatt Says “

(Image courtesy of Windtoons) Bloomberg Article By Nicholas Comfort Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) — The expansion of wind farms in Germany is threatening the country’s power grid with unpredictable output, Handelsblatt reported, citing data supplied to the Federal Network Agency. Vattenfall … Continue reading

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