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Darn! If we’d only known!

From the New England College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine – Michael A. Nissenbaum, MD – “In summary, in many IWT (industrial wind turbine) projects, the preconstruction sound modeling has underestimated the eventual real world sound levels those turbine projects eventually … Continue reading

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Braithwaite v Pinnacle Wind, LLC – WV PSC Staff recommends further investigation.

“It is ludicrous to argue that because the Commission possibly had incorrect information before it when it made its decision, it cannot now review that decision. Therefore, Staff believes Pinnacle’s argument that this issue is beyond Commission review should be rejected.” … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Lost – A Conversation with Dave Umling

Editor’s Note:  We are pleased to speak today with David Umling, author of Lifestyle Lost.  Mr. Umling is a professional planner, currently serving as City Planner for Cumberland, Maryland.  Mr. Umling has been an outspoken advocate for rural communities.  His … Continue reading

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Reader challenges wind advocates to include all the facts!

The following letter was submitted to local newspapers by Keyser WV resident Dallas Adams, Sr. Letter begins: MISLEADING/MISINFORMATION Dear Editor: Pleased to read the press release from Eastern Tech College about their training of wind turbine technicians (News-Tribune, August26, pg. … Continue reading

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“dust in the wind”

A friend of mine pointed me to an item in today’s (WV) Mineral Daily News-Tribune Classifieds listed under Legal Notices.  I thought it was interesting enough to place it here for you: While maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, it seemed … Continue reading

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Frank Maisano and the “merry handful”

What happened Mr. Maisano!  Didn’t you get the memo?  You won!  There’s nothing standing in the way of the Pinnacle Wind project, and there hasn’t been since the WV PSC gave permission months ago.  In fact, if US WindForce had … Continue reading

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Pinnacle (WV) wind farm decommission study and (draft) escrow agreement published. (UPDATED 1/9/11)

The Mineral County (WV) Commission is in the midst of critical negotiations with US WindForce LLC regarding the decommission of the Pinnacle wind farm planned for our community.  The documents under discussion are provided for your convenience below. Following these … Continue reading

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“the public is building these wind farms for the investors and in return we get our electricity bills increased”

Earlier in November we posted this: Now this is some hope and change:  “President Obama’s top advisers recommended cutting off funding for a federal loan-guarantee program meant to spur the construction of wind and solar farms and other alternative energy … Continue reading

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Industrial wind … optimism just isn’t enough.

During a long ago conversation, I said to my Dad, “I’m an optimist Pop!  I’m not going through life a pessimist … you know … always seeing the negative side!”  Dad asked if I knew the definition of a pessimist.  … Continue reading

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Animal Welfare Institute requests U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service analyze all direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts on wildlife at Beech Ridge Wind Energy Project.

The following comments were submitted to the US Fish & Wildlife Service on behalf of the Animal Welfare Institute (“AWI”) and David G. Cowan with regard to the construction and operation of turbines at the Beech Ridge wind energy facility … Continue reading

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