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Time to focus

For anyone wishing to educate themselves about Industrial Wind, beyond the information made available by the wind industry’s well financed AWEA (American Wind Energy Association), there are excellent sites which continue to provide news, information and studies.  These are operated … Continue reading

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PTC – industrial wind’s viagra

Well, folks … typical of DC … there’s a last minute rush to piece together a means to spend more of your cash.  Lacking any ability to properly care for your money, politicians who fill the seats of the critical … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Lost

Thanks to Dave Umling for providing this remarkable Yankee Magazine article – “Eminent Domain in Ascutney, Vermont | I Will Not Leave” Howard Mansfield tells the story of Romaine Tenney, a bachelor farmer.   According to Mr. Mansfield’s compelling story, Tenney … Continue reading

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MD PSC should deny Dan’s Mountain Wind Force LLC’s request to extend construction start deadline

Editor’s note: We thank Ms. K. Darlene Park for providing us with a copy of the letter she recently sent to the Maryland Public Service Commission in response to the request by Dan’s Mountain Wind Force LLC to extend the … Continue reading

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Wind to Work

We thank the Allegheny Highlands Alliance for granting permission to post their most recent video titled, “Wind to Work.” The Allegheny Highlands Alliance (AHA) is a consortium of citizen/environment organizations with membership in five states along the Allegheny Front. AHA … Continue reading

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Industrial Wind’s Limited Power Potential

Jay Lehr, PhD:  “After two decades of huge subsidies for wind energy, nowhere in the world has an array of wind turbines replaced a single conventional power plant.” Two scorching days here along the Allegheny Front and the turbine blades … Continue reading

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“Bullying Esther”

We would like to thank Ms. Karen Bessey Pease for granting permission to post the following letter, which as been submitted to the Editors of several Ontario newspapers. Letter begins: Esther Wrightman of Ontario, an unassuming young wife and mother, … Continue reading

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A Day Out With Zuli

AT Note:  For best quality, please view in full screen.

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Industrial wind is a “flexible” electricity generator – for all the wrong reasons.

This exchange between Melissa Francis of the Fox Business Channel and Denise Bode of the American Wind Energy Association is an instant classic.  The interview is titled Wind Energy Tax Credit a Help or Distorting the Market? and can be … Continue reading

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Vermont Wind Shenanigans and WV Endangered Species Kill – Wind Wise Radio

Urgent!  Please tune in this evening (Sunday, August 26th) from 7:00 to 8:00 Eastern time on WWR, Wind Wise Radio at http://www.windwiseradio.org Tina Fitzgerald and Scott McLane from Vermont will be on to talk about the sordid goings on surrounding … Continue reading

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