Europe: Coal is back!

Links Courtesy of Net Zero Watch. Sign up for their email updates at their link.

1) Germany returns to coal as energy security trumps climate goals
Bloomberg, 22 December 2022

2) Coal, no longer shunned, keeps Europe’s lights on
The Wall Street Journal, 22 December 2022
3) Europe must exploit its fossil fuel resources or face economic relegation to second world status
Net Zero Watch, October 2022 
4) Energy cost crisis threatens to bankrupt Green Britain 
The Guardian, 21 December 2022

5) Green Britain: UK hospices warn of bed closures and staff cuts as energy bills soar
The Guardian, 22 December 2022
6) Stephen Moore: Green energy nightmare before Christmas: Coal is now world’s top energy source

Fox News, 20 December 2022

Lessons learned from Europe’s wind/solar failures may save the US if our politicians finally wake up. Demand driven energy is provided by Nuclear, Natural Gas, Coal, etc., not power plants which rely on variable wind and sunlight as fuel.

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