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Welcome Back!

In the past, many of the posts on this blog focused on the expansion of industrial wind in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. We knew stopping IW’s destruction would be an uphill battle – literally – but we tried. The ever excellent and tireless SOAR (Save Our Allegheny Ridges) has been keeping that fight alive all along. Please support their efforts as you can.

After several years of grumbling, this blog took a pause during which we found we had to add a dash (-) to our web address due to a mix up. Luckily, the history rode along with the change and it seems you’ve found us anyway.

To begin, seeing replacement turbines going up on the Allegheny Front at Pinnacle and new ones being set at Black Rock to further fortify the migratory flyway blockade across the Alleghenies, it is tempting to rant as in the old days. But much of that discussion is included in the history here and specific topics can be searched as well, so no sense beating that dead bat.

Don’t get me wrong, I still firmly believe that grid-connected industrial wind is simply worthless as a reliable energy source. If you want one in your yard or at your farm, Excellent! I take exception when we pretend that connecting a string of turbines to the grid will magically eliminate or greatly reduce the consumption of natural gas, coal or even nuclear.

The problem with industrial wind remains that it cannot be depended on to meet demand. On the other hand, nuclear plants, natural gas combined-cycle plants and coal plants provide dispatchable baseload service.

Sadly, as a major component of the Renewable Energy Religion, industrial wind is a protected species, unlike the Eagles the FWS permits the turbines to slice. In fact, “Wind facility operators can obtain a permit from the Service for the “take” of eagles that may occur while operating their facility.” But I dare you to show up at the FWS office with an Eagle feather in your cap! And heck, if you think abut it, you’re producing about as much “dispatchable” electricity as the turbines!

It is my hope that once folks recognize that wind and solar are not now, or ever will be the primary source of energy, our vast resources will be directed to the development of true innovation.

I recognize that the life blood of solar and wind is Climate Change and replacing fossil fuels. Even James Hansen, clearly a leading voice for decades combating Global Warming, recognizes that renewables never make that transition happen and suggests nuclear energy is our best hope for lowering CO2.

But the purpose of future posts is not to fight the Climate Change pro/con battle, but to point out the unintended consequences brought on by many ill conceived political policies and legislation intended to deal with Climate Change around the world in hopes that we don’t repeat them.

If you must know, my position on Global Warming/Climate Change aligns closely to that of Bjorn Lomborg. I find him to be a rational thinker backing his policy recommendations and assessments with facts, and peeling away the warm and fuzzy promises made by politicians as they toss taxpayer money in any direction in an effort to convince us they are saving the world and will do so, for sure, if only taxpayers would be willing to cough up tens of trillions of cash. C’mon, chip in a little!

This is the direction I hope to take, recognizing that local “stuff” impacting our region will pop up now and then. There are many resources available and I hope to point you to a few that you might also find interesting.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. I also ask that you advise of any corrections or omissions found in posts.

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