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Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 19, 2012

Items of interest: 1:This is post number 700 at the Allegheny Treasures blog, which started nearly 30 months ago.  I thought it might be fun to provide the link to the very first post, dated 9/28/2009 – Mountain Breezes – Green … Continue reading

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“When asked if wind power was reducing carbon emissions, Deb Malin, a BPA (Bonneville Power Administration) representative, answered, “No. They are, in fact, creating emissions.”

This stunning admission is contained in Eric Lowe’s very informative “Northwest Windpower: Problems Aplenty.” Please visit MasterResource to read this article, and the many other excellent writings to be found there. (Thanks to Jon Boone for pointing us to Mr. … Continue reading

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Defense Secretary Gates: “homeland security concerns shouldn’t thwart home-grown renewable energy”

Iran building nukes; two wars with hundreds of thousands of troops placed in harms way; the Middle East ready to blow at any time and heaven knows what North Korea is up to and Defense Secretary Robert Gates has time … Continue reading

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“Wind farm owners have a strong incentive to sell off or abandon their projects once tax benefits have been captured…”

“Wind farm owners have a strong incentive to sell off or abandon their projects once tax benefits have been captured (5-6 years for accelerated depreciation; 10 years for production tax credits), turbine performance deteriorates and/or operating and maintenance costs escalate. … Continue reading

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Chugging soon into your home town – “The Green Energy Subsidy Express” – be careful not to play on the tracks!

Via National Wind Watch – “State lowballed cost of green tax breaks” Seems over in Oregon they have a little squabble over subsidies for “green” energy.  The OregonLive.com post suggests that “State officials deliberately underestimated the cost of Gov. Ted … Continue reading

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