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“Go on, take the money and run!”

“Even while accepting Arkansas state taxpayer subsidies (millions), (German owned wind turbine manufacturer) Nordex officials said they needed more certainty of additional federal subsidies to keep their production facility open.” _________________________________________ When will we ever learn? _________________________________________  

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Green Jobs?

Thanks to John Terry for pointing us to this informative interview with the “Green Jobs Answer Man.” ——————– ——————–

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Industrial wind jobs: “The reality, as evidenced around the world, is that these jobs aren’t permanent and could not exist without extensive ongoing government subsidization”

From Reuters Environment Forum: Why subsidize the surfeit of wind turbines? With an oversupply of wind turbines, why are governments subsidizing new manufacturing plants? In recent years, China has ramped up its efforts to become a world leader in manufacturing … Continue reading

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Hooray !!! General Electric to build wind turbines and create 2,000 jobs. What? In England?

We sure hope none of the tax credits and subsidies that support GE directly or indirectly enables this little adventure.  Naah!  That could never happen … could it?  I know Jeff Immelt is good buddies with the President, but hey! … Continue reading

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Newsweek: “Beware politicians promising to put millions to work in a new ‘green economy.’ They can’t deliver.”

Interesting article from the upcoming magazine article dated Mar 29, 2010, Growing Green Jobs, Rana Foroohar writes that world leaders are “pinning their hopes for future growth and new jobs on creating clean-technology industries, like wind and solar power, or recycling … Continue reading

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Finally, the wind industry demands Congress enact Renewable Energy Standards! What??? … it doesn’t include minimum energy output from turbines?

Here’s the headline at Renewable Energy World that got my hopes up – Wind Industry Fires Back, Calls for RES But no, the “group of wind energy executives as well as the CEO of the American Wind Energy Association called on … Continue reading

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Industrial wind – estimating local labor content.

Having spent a number of years in project related work, construction workers are high on my list of folks to respect.  The work is difficult, demanding and dangerous.  So don’t let anything I write here be implied as a reflection … Continue reading

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Oh, darn … another legislator can’t seem to find the jobs industrial wind promised!

From the West Salem, Wisconsin Coulee News: Published – Thursday, February 18, 2010 PLAIN SPEAKING: Green jobs deal yields zero jobs By MIKE HUEBSCH In 2008, the wind energy industry employed 85,000 American workers. After collecting nearly $2 billion of … Continue reading

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“Yeah, you’re going to kill some birds…” Yeah, and that’s just in Maryland!

I used to write off a few chopped birds too, when I actually thought industrial wind was an economical, reliable, eco-friendly solution to all our energy needs of the future.  Plop the big fans anywhere and the job market would … Continue reading

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Industrial Wind: Is there “a shift in the climate of opinion?”

Many readers of Allegheny Treasures point to a significant reassessment of industrial wind’s potential as a reliable source of “clean and green” power.  We note, in a piece by RocNow’s Steve Orr, he writes:  “Some say the shine has worn … Continue reading

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