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Industrial wind hostage tape released.

Back on January 13, I posted this comment from an article at the Denver Post:  “Colorado has been spared a large hit in the first round of firings by Danish wind-turbine-maker Vestas Wind Systems, but large job cuts loom later … Continue reading

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“The greatest threat to the wind industry’s growth is, in fact, the wind industry’s growth.”

Some time back we made the observation that “The greatest threat to the wind industry’s growth is, in fact, the wind industry’s growth.” Confirming that thought is an excellent analysis published by Robert Bryce at National Review Online in which … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise: “wind farms are investment schemes, not reliable energy production plants!”

That’s the opinion of Panos Prevedouros, PhD, as expressed in his commentary posted at the Hawaii Reporter, “Wind Energy for Hawaii: Great for Profits, Not so Great for Power.” Dr. Prevedouros writes that “among all major resources for the production … Continue reading

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Industrial wind’s floating crap game

I’m just suspicious by nature, I suppose.  For example: I wouldn’t be surprised if the jobs created when Nordic Windpower grabbed $16,000,000 from US taxpayers under a July, 2009 DOE loan guarantee to expand its US wind turbine production at … Continue reading

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The “fossil fuel propaganda campaign” claims “another victim”

Two letters published recently by the Roanoke Times serve to illustrate the wide gap remaining between opponents of and advocates for industrial wind.  On the one side is a letter written by Ms. Annie Krochalis, a private citizen local to … Continue reading

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Industrial wind: “enough to run 70,000 clothes dryers”

Our regular visitors know that the popular IESO Wind Tracker is “stuck” in first post position.  The IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) of Ontario states that “Ontario is on the forefront of wind in Canada with almost 1,100 MW of … Continue reading

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I got this great idea … we’ll stick 186,000 wind turbines the size of 747’s along the whole Appalachian Trail. Won’t it be cool?

Further scary thoughts on the cumulative impact of industrial wind from George Will: “The amount of electricity that would be produced by wind turbines extending the entire 2,178 miles of the Appalachian Trail can be produced by four reactors occupying … Continue reading

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What a shock! Study confirms wind farms consume treasured landscape and produce very little in return.

From the Times Online:  Feeble wind farms fail to hit full power THE first detailed study of Britain’s onshore wind farms suggests some treasured landscapes may have been blighted for only small gains in green energy. The analysis reveals that … Continue reading

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Welcome to the world of industrial wind: British bill payers may indirectly subsidize other European nations’ power supplies.

From Power-Gen:  UK offshore wind farm payments could subsidize European power supplies – DECC “Offshore wind farm subsidies underwritten by British electricity bill payers will be paid to generators even if the electricity is transmitted outside the UK via a … Continue reading

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All in the name of the elusive “green wind”, states will lose more of their powers to the Fed.

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet:  Federal energy policy will impact wind farm development in Minnesota “Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and has introduced a bill that would amend the 2005 Energy Policy … Continue reading

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