Trouble in Paradise: “wind farms are investment schemes, not reliable energy production plants!”

That’s the opinion of Panos Prevedouros, PhD, as expressed in his commentary posted at the Hawaii Reporter, “Wind Energy for Hawaii: Great for Profits, Not so Great for Power.

Dr. Prevedouros writes that “among all major resources for the production of energy, wind is among the least predictable and dependable” yet “the potential for windfall profits from wind mills is huge in Hawaii.”

This is just another confirmation of what Gabriel Alonso, chief executive of Horizon Wind energy, one of America’s “biggest wind-farm developers” told his employees … that their goal isn’t to stage a renewable-energy revolution, “This is all about making money!”  (Wall Street Journal – April 5, 2011)

And yet, the wind lobby wonders why skepticism of the wind business is growing.

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