I got this great idea … we’ll stick 186,000 wind turbines the size of 747’s along the whole Appalachian Trail. Won’t it be cool?

Further scary thoughts on the cumulative impact of industrial wind from George Will: “The amount of electricity that would be produced by wind turbines extending the entire 2,178 miles of the Appalachian Trail can be produced by four reactors occupying four square miles of land.

You heard it right!  “To produce 20 percent of America’s power by wind, which the Obama administration dreamily proposes, would require 186,000 tall turbines—40 stories tall, their flashing lights can be seen for 20 miles—covering an area the size of West Virginia.”

And if that doesn’t short your circuit, maybe this will … “Meanwhile, America, which pioneered nuclear power, is squandering money on wind power, which provides 1.3 percent of the nation’s electricity: it is slurping up $30 billion of tax breaks and other subsidies amounting to $18.82 per megawatt-hour, 25 times as much per megawatt-hour as the combined subsidies for all other forms of electricity production.

It’s all in Mr. Will’s latest Newsweek article, This Nuclear Option Is Nuclear – The costs of fads and superstition.

Of course, once you consider that the actual output of these silly contraptions is 30% or less of the rated nameplate capacity, you’ll figure out that the number of turbines and the land and air consumed will increase dramatically.  Check out this earlier piece from Robert Bryce.

High cost and low service – now that’s the ticket!

Maybe you should send the article with a little note to your political representative.  If you decide to do so, here are the direct Federal Links – US SenateHouse of Representatives.

This is a pretty good link to find the contact information for your state and local representatives.

Heck!  Might as well send one off to President Obama using this user friendly form.  I understand he’s working on an energy plan right now, so I know he’d love to hear from you.

Or, you can just sit back and watch the environment, as you know it, disappear along with your tax dollars.  All for the sake of meeting some half-baked politically established renewable energy goal which requires use of the under-performing and heavily subsidized antique of energy known as industrial wind.

Oh, and about the emission reductions and the jobs, jobs and more jobs the wind folks keep promising?  Well, they’re not coming.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the wind folks to produce concrete statistics, not their model calculations based on their own input.  You know they have the numbers, don’t you?

While you’re at it … ask for real time performance reports for the thousands of installed turbines.  They should be happy to brag about actual performance, don’t you think?

Want to have some real fun?  Ask your politician about actual performance, jobs and emission reductions.

Ask your Federal, State or Local politician about the cumulative impact of industrial wind required to meet the goals they established and watch closely for the “deer in the headlights” gaze that immediately follows your question.

Ask them how much electricity it takes to run a wind plant.  That should be worth a chuckle.

The list of questions your political representatives cannot answer, or will answer incorrectly using the wind industry’s boilerplate hype will probably stagger you.

The reality is, to have a real impact on the nonsense that is industrial wind you must assess your representative’s stewardship of your money and resources and act on it the next time you go to the voting booth.

Use the many links provided here at Allegheny Treasures to inform yourself.  You might be surprised by what you’re not being told.

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2 Responses to I got this great idea … we’ll stick 186,000 wind turbines the size of 747’s along the whole Appalachian Trail. Won’t it be cool?

  1. It works to CALL the White House, or your local state government, IMO. They receive so many emails now. Pick up the phone and give them a call to voice your disgust with this current insanity. Call Chu’s office, ask to visit him. Again, pick up the phone!

  2. Frank O'Hara says:

    186,000 industrial wind turbines will give hiking the A T a new experience. Perhaps it will cut down on the buzzing sound of black flys in Maine. But then again having 186,000 redlights atop 400+ tall turbines will sure make it easy to outline the trail for night hiking.

    The reality is Industrial Wind (Big Wind) represents high costs with little social value.

    Let the facts speak for themselves. In September, Delegate Allen Evans, did not attend the Mineral County Hearing on the Turbines. Although he was invited, but he certainly found the time to support the project. Let’s hope the voters remember what he has done to Mineral County,

    Here is Delegate Evans view

    HC 33, BOX 3025
    DORCAS, WV 26847
    PHONE: (304) 257-1426

    Oct 23, 2009

    Dear Chairman Albert: (WV PSC Chair)

    I write to register my strong support for Pinnacle Wind Force’s construction of a wind power facility in Mineral County. In addition the many advantages of green energy to our nation’s electrical system, there is no question that the Pinnacle project will provide a number of good paying construction jobs, including many for workers in Mineral County and nearby areas.

    As you’ve heard many times, construction work is a series of “temporary” jobs – but each of those temporary engagements is important, especially when they don’t require workers to travel hours to and from their homes. This project offers that opportunity, and after construction is complete, there will be a number of permanent jobs in our community.

    These employment impacts are complemented by the significant addition to Mineral County’s tax base that the project would represent. I’m advised that local economi impact is one of the factors in your decision-making process. If that is the case, these factors should be highly relevant to your decision.

    People hold differing opinions on the visual impact that projects like this one will create. Overall, I sense that the project has many supporters in Mineral County, and that most people appreciate the importance of significant investments in the community.

    Mineral Countians at your first opportunity will appreciate your decision to grant a siting certificate for this project

    Allen V. Evans.

    Ok readers Delegate Evans, phone number, address and email is there, ask him for the answers to the questions raised.

    Ask Evans about actual performance, jobs and emission reductions.

    Ask Evans about the cumulative impact of industrial wind required to meet the goals they established and watch closely for the “deer in the headlights” gaze that immediately follows your question.

    Ask him how much electricity it takes to run a wind plant.

    How about sharing your findings with AT….


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