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Hollister Hartman, PhD: “The Weight of Evidence shows that Poor Mountain must be rejected as UNSUITABLE for siting the proposed wind project.”

Well, that should do it, don’t you think?  No sense plopping the 747 size turbines on Virginia’s Poor Mountain.  Heck, when conditions are “prime,” the turbines have a difficult time puffing out enough electricity to read by, especially if you … Continue reading

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The “fossil fuel propaganda campaign” claims “another victim”

Two letters published recently by the Roanoke Times serve to illustrate the wide gap remaining between opponents of and advocates for industrial wind.  On the one side is a letter written by Ms. Annie Krochalis, a private citizen local to … Continue reading

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We’ll just plop down a few wind turbines and Poor Mountain will look pretty again and, oh yeah, you’ll get rich and save the world!

(Image courtesy of Windtoons) A local resident says, “The area where they would go has been decimated by gypsy moths, it’s been logged, it has TV and other towers already,” Elswick said. “The windmills actually might improve the look of … Continue reading

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