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“The greatest threat to the wind industry’s growth is, in fact, the wind industry’s growth.”

Some time back we made the observation that “The greatest threat to the wind industry’s growth is, in fact, the wind industry’s growth.” Confirming that thought is an excellent analysis published by Robert Bryce at National Review Online in which … Continue reading

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Heck, might as well shut the wind turbine down anyway, “It’s a time when we are not generating a whole lot of electricity to begin with!”

A recent National Geographic article, “Hope for Stemming Wind Energy’s Toll on Bats” subtitled “The Great Energy Challenge,” begins with this, “Windmills—clean, quiet, simple and endlessly renewable—may be the ultimate icons of green energy. But after sundown, their whirling blades … Continue reading

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Putin: “Nuclear energy only alternative to oil, gas.” Rejects other alternative energy approaches as “claptrap.”

Seems our Russian friends have a renewable energy plan, and it’s interesting what it doesn’t emphasize. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated at the September 9 meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club that “nuclear energy is the only alternative … Continue reading

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If an industrial development is considered “green,” how many people’s well-being can be sacrificed for a “public good?”

Article published Apr 25, 2010 at Times Argus. A sound policy for wind power in Vt.? By SANDY WILBUR Whether they’re called wind farms or industrial wind generating plants, these industrial developments have caused divisiveness and controversy in every community … Continue reading

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From American Thinker: Wind Energy’s Ghosts

A must read from Andrew Walden, who suggests that “Bankrupt Europe has a lesson for Congress about wind power.” Mr. Walden begins his commentary with how “the disembodied voices of 37 skeletal wind turbines abandoned to rust on the hundred-acre site of … Continue reading

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Rethinking wind power – John Droz, Jr. | Cleantech Group

Post shared courtesy of the Cleantech Group. Physicist John Droz argues that wind fails six of seven tests as a commercial power source, and is “an insult to science and mankind.” For the first hundred years or so of commercial … Continue reading

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