Industrial wind hostage tape released.

Back on January 13, I posted this comment from an article at the Denver Post:  “Colorado has been spared a large hit in the first round of firings by Danish wind-turbine-maker Vestas Wind Systems, but large job cuts loom later this year.”  Ditlev Engle, Vestas’ chief executive, made this statement:  “There could, however, be a cut of 1,600 jobs in the U.S. later this year if a production tax credit is not renewed by Congress.

This was my response to this perfect example of wind business mischief:  “Of course Colorado was spared in the first round of cuts! As any good negotiator knows, you can’t let the hostage go until after the deal is struck! If they did, this threat from Vestas would be worthless.”

Well, folks … the hostage tape has just been released, featuring Colorado’s own Senator Michael Bennet begging your congressional representatives to pay the ransom to the Danish wind thugs with your tax dollars.



Speaking of education Senator, it seems as far as industrial wind is concerned, you could use a little more!  Maybe you could wander over to Senator Lamar Alexander’s office.  He seems to have a pretty good handle on the wind subsidy issue.  Here’s his speech before the Senate:



While you’re at it, have a glance at this Washington Post commentary, in which the author tries to convince readers that “Wind power is worth the investment of $2 a month for Maryland households.”  It’s right out of the wind playbook Mr. John Droz Jr. describes in his excellent post at MasterResource – Wind Spin: Misdirection and Fluff by a Taxpayer-enabled Industry.

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2 Responses to Industrial wind hostage tape released.

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  2. Susan Walsh says:

    Nobody mentions that these turbines are 500 feet tall! That’s 50 stories with the top 35 stories rotating. They are being placed in rural settings around towms with 3 story limits. You are right that the counties are being bribed to turn their backs on their constituents Then add the fact that hundreds of them are in each wind “farm”. All spinning…that doesn’t affect property values? What if you bought your property for the views? How about the flashing of sunlight off the blades and shadow flash, all day, vibrations constantly driving you nuts?
    And they are not green. We must draw a line in the sand against these monstosities. As better energy options come along are these investors going to come back and remove them?…and remake the hills and mountains to their former glory? NO!!!

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