All in the name of the elusive “green wind”, states will lose more of their powers to the Fed.

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet:  Federal energy policy will impact wind farm development in Minnesota

“Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and has introduced a bill that would amend the 2005 Energy Policy Act to give the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) more authority to site transmission lines in transmission corridors of national interest. Yesterday he met with Obama to discuss the bill, which is of huge importance to Minnesota and other states with renewable energy resources like the Dakotas and Bingaman’s home state, New Mexico.”

So, basically any state that doesn’t see the necessity to drag the rare kilowatt accidentally produced by one of these silly contraptions across their property will be over-ridden by the nanny state.  Sounds consistent with what we’ve witnessed so far from the incompetents we keep sending back to Washington.

Perhaps while the Senator is counting revolutions at the turbines he can read this:  Green Jobs Obsession Distracts from Real Economy Recovery or better yet, this: The Constitution of the United States.

Land grabbing to support such an obvious scam should not be permitted.  As I said in this post:  To stop industrial wind you’ll probably have to boot your current legislator out of office.

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4 Responses to All in the name of the elusive “green wind”, states will lose more of their powers to the Fed.

  1. Jon Boone says:

    This is a very serious development, one not only affecting the country’s federalism, but also one that will gouge rate and taxpayers, remove accountability, and fuel the alarming trend toward the politicalization of our electricity production.

  2. Frank O'Hara says:

    Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM),

    Did you miss attending your high school civics class? Were you not required to take Political Science 101 in college undergraduate years?

    Do you have a copy of the US Constitution in your Congressional Office? You may want to read it.

    What National Interest?

    Industrial Wind represents high costs with low social benefits.

  3. Tony Clark says:

    the link to Kent Hawkins paper seems to be broken

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