Industrial wind flunks out!

Our friends at Windtoons nail it with this take on our recent post about the dismal performance of wind.

Industrial wind = FAILURE

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2 Responses to Industrial wind flunks out!

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Perfect…. No Turbine Left Behind….N. T. L. B.

    Perhaps the Secretary of Energy and Secretary of Education should be engage in more collaborative evaluation discussions.

    Reconize the Big Industrial Wind is at best unreliable and unpredictable. Placing Big Industrial Wind onto the grid system at bewt is messy, ambiguous and ill structured. That is why the PJM cannot move beyond the the 13 percent of their generating capacity.

    The real mess of Big Industrial Wind is the taxpayer is paying for this rip off.

  2. Karen Pease says:

    Och, Mr. Terry gets it right every time! What would we do without his talent and generosity?? (Thanks, John!)

    I’ve used Windtoons in many blog postings, such as this one:

    Windtoons is an incredible resource, provided by an incredible man. We are so very lucky!


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