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“crash course in sustainable wind energy”

“in fact, this could be the first “net-zero” building in Coos County. That means all of the energy needed to operate the museum and aquarium is expected to be generated on site. No offense, but with all such claims … … Continue reading

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Who was that masked man?

A little history before I get into today’s topic: Back in October 2011, I posted a little rant titled “Confused in West Virginia.”  My confusion, at the time, had to do with an August 2011 FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) … Continue reading

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Wind to Work

We thank the Allegheny Highlands Alliance for granting permission to post their most recent video titled, “Wind to Work.” The Allegheny Highlands Alliance (AHA) is a consortium of citizen/environment organizations with membership in five states along the Allegheny Front. AHA … Continue reading

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My boss would have fired the whole bunch!

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia has a Vision Statement. Have a look at Vision Statement Item 4:  “An improvement in the standard of living and quality of life for the people of West Virginia” Reading this statement, folks … Continue reading

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Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for July 30, 2012

Items of interest: 1-Disgrace of the day – After receiving $78,334,713.00 this month from the US Taxpayers (1603 Grant), a Vancouver (Canada) -based wind and solar energy company is up for sale A year ago I wrote:  I’m curious … is “Yabucoa” … Continue reading

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American Bird Conservancy sues Federal Agencies over access to industrial wind correspondence.

Notes from the Media Release: In a lawsuit filed today (June 26, 2012) in Washington D.C. District Court American Bird Conservancy has accused the federal government of suppressing information about wind energy projects and their potential negative impact on America’s … Continue reading

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Senator Mark Warner urged to reconsider financial support for industrial wind.

Our thanks to Mr. Glenn Schleede for allowing us to post his important letter to Senator Mark Warner of Virginia. Letter begins:  May 28, 2012 The Honorable Mark R. Warner – United States Senate Dear Senator Warner: I have great respect … Continue reading

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Home wind turbines – caveat emptor!

While catching up on emails, I found this gem from our friend Fran Kunz: Wind turbines at Boston’s Museum of Science produce less electricity than expected While we at Allegheny Treasures don’t discuss the home market, this is a telling … Continue reading

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IESO Wind Tracker Link – View hourly reporting of actual v capacity of Ontario’s wind farms.

Note to readers:  The IESO Wind Tracker widget previously available for display in the post area has been disabled.  You can check the performance of wind by clicking on this highlighted link: Wind Power Generation in Ontario Ontario is on … Continue reading

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Paul Driessen challenges Obama Administration renewable energy agenda.

The following is provided courtesy of CFACT – Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. A few questions for President Obama President Obama sounds like an anti-business Community Organizer in Chief: pointing fingers, making baseless claims about ending our “addiction to oil,” … Continue reading

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