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Industrial wind: all trick and no treat

Courtesy of Windtoons

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“How could Senator Manchin get this so wrong?”

We thank Mr. John Terry for permission to post his October 5, 2012 letter to the Editor of The Inter-Mountain (Elkins, WV). Ironically, and you’ll see why when you read the letter, the Editor has not yet published Mr. Terry’s … Continue reading

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Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 14, 2012

Items of interest: 1:”During a December commission meeting, (Garrett County, Maryland ) Commissioner Gregan Crawford voiced his concern about the effects of wind turbines on residents and noted that he would be willing to enter into a motion to develop … Continue reading

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John Terry on industrial wind: “one wonders what unintended consequence will occur next?”

The Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News recently published a commentary written by Mr. John Terry of Montrose, WV.  We thank Mr. Terry for permission to post this enhanced version of the original article. AT Notes:  Please use the features of the Scribd embed … Continue reading

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Secretary Salazar challenged on industrial wind support.

West Virginia Physician Dr. Wayne Spiggle recently received an email from Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar in which the Secretary announced that the Department of the Interior will issue a 50-state report outlining the country’s most promising ways to reconnect … Continue reading

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“Letter From Your Country Cousin.”

We thank John Terry for granting permission to post his very entertaining and informative “Letter From Your Country Cousin.” As Mr. Terry notes:  “At its least, this piece presents some interesting pictures to explore. At its best, it prompts the … Continue reading

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Sing it with me! “The Green Rolling … oops, wait … The Pinwheel Topped Hills of West Virginia”

(Courtesy of our great friends at Windtoons) I guess maybe they’ll just have to change the lyrics:

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Industrial wind flunks out!

Our friends at Windtoons nail it with this take on our recent post about the dismal performance of wind. Industrial wind = FAILURE

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“Trick or Treat”

BOO! (Courtesy of our great friends at Windtoons)

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Exclusive: Windtoons explains how $10,000 view-shed grant to Mineral County, WV will be spent.

Windtoons scoops the secret agreement between Pinnacle Wind Force, LLC and the West Virginia Division of Culture and History. Hey!  This mitigation thing is pretty cool!

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