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Subsidy Games

Kansas Watchdog’s Travis Perry opens his commentary, Not so fast: Siemens still wants wind subsidies,  with this gem:  “Siemens Wind Power looks forward to a future where wind can compete without subsidies from the federal government … But not just … Continue reading

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Industrial wind paid to do what it does best – ZILCH!

Were I once worked, we used to joke about the do-nothings backing in to accept their paychecks.  If industrial wind had any shame, it would probably send another to pick up the check. Here’s the latest sham from the wind … Continue reading

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“Now is a good time to consider the massive misinformation campaign wind power proponents have whipped up in the mountains.”

Daren Bakst writes at StarNews Online: ‘Extremists’ push wind power regardless of the cost Mr. Bask, in his article focusing on North Carolina suggests, “While most attention has focused on mountain ridgelines, there’s been little focus on massive industrial wind … Continue reading

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Trust me, it really is a solar panel … it just looks a lot like a 400 foot tall wind turbine.

From Business Week:  Spanish Wind Farms Registered as Solar to Win Higher Subsidies Seems wind farms in Spain registered themselves as photovoltaic generators, claiming the higher subsidy that solar plants earn. I don’t know what the fuss is all about, … Continue reading

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Audubon Society, perhaps seeking to reduce the time spent counting hawks, supports industrial wind.

Here’s one to defy all logic! In his commentary today, “Drawing a line on Shaffer Mountain,” Jack Buchan is concerned that Gamesa, a wind turbine manufacturer headquarted in Spain will be placing the massive structures on Shaffer Mountain, which sits … Continue reading

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The Windpower Industry’s “top ten” false and misleading claims … Number 8 – Wind technology consists of “wind mills” on “wind farms.”

Another gem from StopIllWind – Drop by for a huge library of facts about Industrial Wind Energy. Number 8 – Wind technology consists of “wind mills” on “wind farms.” As if 400-foot tall differentially moving turbines were bucolic Dutch windmills, … Continue reading

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