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I got this great idea … we’ll stick 186,000 wind turbines the size of 747’s along the whole Appalachian Trail. Won’t it be cool?

Further scary thoughts on the cumulative impact of industrial wind from George Will: “The amount of electricity that would be produced by wind turbines extending the entire 2,178 miles of the Appalachian Trail can be produced by four reactors occupying … Continue reading

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Allegheny Treasures comments on West Virginia Public Service Commission siting approval for Mineral County, WV.

First, a disclaimer.  Allegheny Treasures, while supporting the philosophy of groups opposing industrial wind as a viable source of the country’s energy needs, has no direct relationship to any citizen group.  This blog is an amateur effort formed simply to … Continue reading

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Wind in the Works – Southern California Edison and Industrial Wind LLCs

Information to share: The document embedded below for your convenience arrived today.  Accompanying Southern California Edison’s Supplement to Advice 2333-E, Implementation of Affiliate Transaction Rules With Respect to the Creation of 12 Affiliates submission to the California Public Utilities Commission, … Continue reading

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The Windpower Industry’s “top ten” false and misleading claims … Number 3 – Windplants are harmless to wildlife.

FromStop Ill Wind: #3. Windplants are harmless to wildlife. Untrue! The second leading cause of bird mortality in the nation is collisions with tall structures, particularly at night under conditions of poor visibility, when neotropical songbirds migrate twice annually (house … Continue reading

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Open letter to Tal McBride, partner, Highland New Wind Development LLC

From The Recorder …..Highland New Wind- Letter to the Editor…Pocohontas County…. Resident takes issue with McBride’s statement An open letter to Tal McBride, partner, Highland New Wind Development LLC: NIMBY, the acronym for Not In My Backyard, is a pejorative … Continue reading

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