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A Cluttered Sky (Video)

We thank Mr. John Terry for allowing us to post his most recent video.  When asked to introduce “A Cluttered Sky,” Mr. Terry provided the following comments: “There are a lot of assumptions regarding wind energy. Some of these are … Continue reading

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Constellation Energy’s venture into industrial wind in the Alleghenies – questionable power generation … guaranteed profit generation.

Just in case you need more evidence of the real reason for the push to develop industrial wind – try to find anything in this article that speaks to benefits for the citizens who will pay for this folly.  Nope, … Continue reading

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Allegheny Treasures blog – why bother?

Today begins the third month of Allegheny Treasures – Happy Anniversary to us!!! If you’ll indulge me on this “milestone” day, I’d like to spend a few moments answering a question I’ve been asked on a couple of occasions – … Continue reading

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Boiling Frogs

The old folk tale says if you place a frog in hot water it will jump out of the pan, but if you place it in cold water and slowly bring up the heat, the frog will just sit there … Continue reading

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From the UK: Wind is “So variable in fact that the energy regulator is currently assuming that, in the future, windfarms are available for just 15pc of the time.”

Britain’s Telegraph.co.UK, published yesterday that “While wind farms run out of puff our bills will build up a head of steam.” Ofgem, Britain’s Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, highlighted the “variability” of wind as a source of energy … Continue reading

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