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AWEA, “The U.S. wind industry is in distress”

The statement from Denise Bode of the AWEA references Bloomberg’s article, Pickens, Home Depot Beat Wind-Turbine Makers in Energy Measure which commented that, in the Senate energy bill, renewable energy requirement for utilities were rejected after Reid said there weren’t … Continue reading

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Save Western Maryland serves Roth Rock developers with formal notice of intent to sue.

Following this statement from Save Western Maryland is the full text of the notice of intent to sue: For Immediate Release July 25, 2010 Save Western Maryland joined the Maryland Conservation Council and several concerned citizens in a July 20, … Continue reading

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“When asked if wind power was reducing carbon emissions, Deb Malin, a BPA (Bonneville Power Administration) representative, answered, “No. They are, in fact, creating emissions.”

This stunning admission is contained in Eric Lowe’s very informative “Northwest Windpower: Problems Aplenty.” Please visit MasterResource to read this article, and the many other excellent writings to be found there. (Thanks to Jon Boone for pointing us to Mr. … Continue reading

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A “Power Hungry” book review surprise – the AWEA and Jon Boone disagree.

In an earlier post we suggested that a wide gap remains between folks touting industrial wind as an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to our growing energy needs and folks happy to explain Why Wind Won’t Work. The two recent … Continue reading

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Governor McDonnell, “learn the facts about wind energy.”

Last week we posted Glenn Schleede’s letter to Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling requesting that they review the Federal and State tax breaks and subsidies provided to wind farms.  Mr. Schleede follows his detailed request for … Continue reading

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Hey! That wind turbine I sold you for $200,000 in 2008? … I’ll give you $135,000!

Yeah,  I know that sounds like a low price but hey – that clunker isn’t producing anything near to what I said it would when I sold it to you.  And after all, we have to make lemonade from our … Continue reading

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The “fossil fuel propaganda campaign” claims “another victim”

Two letters published recently by the Roanoke Times serve to illustrate the wide gap remaining between opponents of and advocates for industrial wind.  On the one side is a letter written by Ms. Annie Krochalis, a private citizen local to … Continue reading

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NIMBY defined: “with a golden rule twist: NIABY: Not in anybody’s backyard. This (industrial wind) is a flawed technology, with too high a quality-of-life price tag.”

A remarkable exchange on the topic of NIMBY and the impact of industrial Wind on communities. (thanks to Jon Boone for alerting us) July 15, 2010 To:  Brent Harold, Cape Cod Times Dear Mr. Harold, A friend of mine was … Continue reading

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URGENT: Department of Energy seeks your comments on its industrial wind “workforce development roadmap.”

The Department of Energy is seeking public comments on a draft “Workforce Roadmap,” which it hopes will ultimately serve to benefit the wind energy industry in the US by, as stated in the Executive Summary of Workforce Development for the … Continue reading

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“Taken together, it is likely that the costs of our (UK) renewables objectives will drive a million more British families into fuel poverty by 2020.”

The title statement, taken from a recent commentary by MEP Roger Helmer at the ever interesting Libertarian Alliance Blog , seems to confirm the concern raised in a comment written to an AT post by Fran, an advocate of Wisconsin … Continue reading

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