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Will Harry Reid leave “the Pickens church,” now that the “pastor” is gone?

In his Wall Street Journal commentary yesterday, Robert Bryce noted that “After 30 months, countless TV appearances, and $80 million spent on an extravagant PR campaign, T. Boone Pickens has finally admitted the obvious: The wind energy business isn’t a … Continue reading

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AWEA, “The U.S. wind industry is in distress”

The statement from Denise Bode of the AWEA references Bloomberg’s article, Pickens, Home Depot Beat Wind-Turbine Makers in Energy Measure which commented that, in the Senate energy bill, renewable energy requirement for utilities were rejected after Reid said there weren’t … Continue reading

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Robert Bryce says industrial wind business is “a scam from beginning to end.” w/video

Thanks to Jon Boone for directing our attention to the excellent discussion of US energy independence featuring author Robert Bryce, John Stossel and T. Boone Pickens. In discussing Mr. Bryce’s upcoming book, Mr. Boone refers to this comment from Mr. … Continue reading

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