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Based on “cost, reliability, and cleanliness … an energy plan that is heavily reliant on wind-generated energy is not realistic.”

In his opinion piece at The Daily Caller titled, Beyond the spin: The truth about wind energy generation, Lance Brown suggests that based on “cost, reliability, and cleanliness … an energy plan that is heavily reliant on wind-generated energy is … Continue reading

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“The argument for forcing consumers to buy increasing amounts of wind power gets weaker the more we investigate its full impacts.”

Interesting take from The Foundry:  “Wind Power is More Dangerous than Coal or Oil” The article suggests that, with a drop in occupational deaths in recent years, “some might think that workplace fatalities could be reduced even more by moving … Continue reading

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Paul Driessen challenges Obama Administration renewable energy agenda.

The following is provided courtesy of CFACT – Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. A few questions for President Obama President Obama sounds like an anti-business Community Organizer in Chief: pointing fingers, making baseless claims about ending our “addiction to oil,” … Continue reading

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From Save Our Sound: For Immediate Release:  Friday, June 25, 2010 Contact:  Kyla Bennett (508) 230-9933 [PEER]; Paula Dinerstein (202) 265-7337 [PEER]; Jessica Almy (202) 588-5206 [Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal] HEAVY TOLL ON WILDLIFE PROMPTS LAWSUIT AGAINST CAPE WIND Scientific … Continue reading

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Industrial wind paid to do what it does best – ZILCH!

Were I once worked, we used to joke about the do-nothings backing in to accept their paychecks.  If industrial wind had any shame, it would probably send another to pick up the check. Here’s the latest sham from the wind … Continue reading

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Giving new meaning to “Police Force,” Dalton McGuinty has directed his Ontario Provincial Officers “to investigate members of Wind Concerns Ontario and, if necessary, visit our homes.”

Normally, if you offer a product of real value, customers will break down your door to have it.  Unfortunately, industrial wind requires a slightly different approach. You might recall a month ago we published this post:  And your thoughts on … Continue reading

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Does Ohio seek to become industrial wind’s new Spain?

Duncan Davidson, in his article Investing in green tech at Wall Street Pit, suggests “European wind developers are fleeing the EU’s expiring wind subsidies.”  Lacking government subsidies, we at Allegheny Treasures think a likely place for the swarm of European … Continue reading

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North Dakota Public Service commissioners will be in Grand Forks on Wednesday to meet with Air Force officials about the impact of potential wind farms and the base’s mission.

On the heels of Sweden’s decision to halt all wind farm activity within @25 miles of 10 military airfields, The Grand Forks Herald report that the US Air Force and the North Dakota Public Service Commission will meet to discuss … Continue reading

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Due to concerns over groundwater issues, Board of Health advises against wind farms in southern Wisconsin county.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette article, “Wind turbines pose groundwater, health issues, panel says,” the Board of Health has recommended that no wind turbines be built in the county’s southern region where a 100-turbine wind farm has been … Continue reading

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Sweden shuts down all wind turbines within 25 miles of ten military airports.

Previously we posted about the two US Senators from Oregon holding defense department appointments hostage until the White House interceded with the Pentagon to expedite approvals.  Needless to say, they got their way! Now, the Industrial Wind Action Group has … Continue reading

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