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John Deere dumps wind farming to return to its roots.

From the Washington Examiner:  Deere sells wind energy business, John Deere Renewables, to Exelon subsidiary for $900 million In a $900 million sale, John Deere ends its wind adventure in which it, according to the article, “invested $1 billion over … Continue reading

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Due to “substantial public interest,” the US Fish and Wildlife Service extends Beech Ridge wind project public comment period.

We thank Judy Rodd, Director of the citizen group Friends of Blackwater, for providing this publication in the Federal Register announcing the extension of the comment period relative to the “Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for Issuance of an … Continue reading

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Maryland officials put the brakes on wind farm construction.

Maryland wind farm developers are now batting two for two – two projects started – two projects halted for environmental violations. Thanks to Matia Vanderbilt of Save Western Maryland for pointing us to the Baltimore Sun article: Erosion violations halt … Continue reading

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When you’re trying to sneak in late, it’s best if you don’t blow the horn.

When I was a youngster coming home a little later than allowed, I tried to convince my friends not to blow the horn when they dropped me off.  I figured that Dad was probably sleeping with one eye open but, … Continue reading

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Virginia DEQ proposal of permit by rule for “small” wind farms criticized on many fronts. UPDATED 8/26/10

Challenge to the proposal by Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality to establish permit(s) by rule for the construction and operation of “small” (100MW or less) wind energy projects is growing. Joining Rick Webb of VA Wind in criticizing the proposal … Continue reading

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The US Chamber of Commerce, with your help, can rid the country of NIMBYS … every last one of the evil critters!

For the most part, I’ve pretty much ignored US Chamber’s Project No Project web site.  They list projects and then claim to assess the impact of the NIMBY folks, as they call anyone with concerns about the placement of energy … Continue reading

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Or maybe you could just walk!


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Robert Bryce: “recent studies show that wind-generated electricity likely won’t result in any reduction in carbon emissions—or that they’ll be so small as to be almost meaningless.”

Robert Bryce, author of Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future, suggests in his article today that “Wind Power Won’t Cool Down the Planet.” Acknowledging that “the wind industry has achieved remarkable growth … Continue reading

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VA Wind questions Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality on “flawed” regulations.

As background:  The Commonwealth of Virginia legislature has passed legislation wherein permitting authority for industrial wind energy projects not exceeding 100 megawatts from the State Corporation Commission to the Department of Environmental Quality. Under the legislation, the DEQ is to develop … Continue reading

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Immigration’s tyrants – justice for me, but not for thee!

At the risk of alienating readers who come to this blog to see both serious and silly content about the impact of industrial wind, I will take liberty to touch on another Allegheny Treasure – equal protection under the law. … Continue reading

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