Governor McDonnell, “learn the facts about wind energy.”

Last week we posted Glenn Schleede’s letter to Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling requesting that they review the Federal and State tax breaks and subsidies provided to wind farms.  Mr. Schleede follows his detailed request for consideration of the facts by asking that the leaders “learn the facts about wind energy.”

In his article at the online Washington Examiner, Norman Leahy notes that “in recent weeks, independent analysts have repeatedly warned both McDonnell and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling about the iffy, and costly, nature of wind power,” and, “to date, there’s no indication those warning have been heeded.”

Mr. Leahy poses this question in the title to his article, “Will Governor McDonnell’s trade mission ask the right quesitons about wind farms?”

We certainly hope so.

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