Industrial wind paid to do what it does best – ZILCH!

Were I once worked, we used to joke about the do-nothings backing in to accept their paychecks.  If industrial wind had any shame, it would probably send another to pick up the check.

Here’s the latest sham from the wind business in Britain – “Wind farm owners get fee to switch off turbines in heavy winds.”  Seems, according to the Daily Mail, the National Grid says the payments are essential to prevent the supply of electricity from overloading the network.

I know!  Wind farms are pitiful performers at best with optimum wind, but now they’ll receive money to purposely not produce.

Reader fenbeagle’s comment to the article says it all:

NETA energy figures for this morning….Great Britain’s wind fleet was producing 0.0% (18MW)

GAS…46.5% (17,712MW)
COAL..37.0% (914,071MW)
Nuclear…15.6% (5,930MW)
Hydro…0.1% (35MW)
TOTAL 38,052MW
What part of 0.0% is so difficult to understand?

– fenbeagle, lincs, 21/6/2010 19:26

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