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More loaves and fishes from the wind energy folks?

If you could burn calories spinning job numbers, there wouldn’t be an ounce of fat in the US government.  Well, we all know that’s not the case … suet is a featured item in the Congressional feeding trough. But what … Continue reading

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“as a renewable-energy advocate with significant wind experience, I find his passion for utility-scale wind power in WNC sorely misplaced — and painfully ironic.”

From the National Wind Watch: Wind power or hot air? Don’t sacrifice WNC’s ridges to industrial greed Credit:  by Dave Erb, Mountain Xpress, 26 May 2010 At a November forum on wind power at UNCA, a young staffer from … Continue reading

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Hooray … wind farms make tornadoes disappear! Well, they don’t really go away … Doppler just can’t see them!

This is perfect – “when severe weather approaches or moves over a wind farm, meteorologists may not be able to pick out certain features; most specifically tornadoes.”  Oh, but not to worry – “this isn’t an issue when the weather … Continue reading

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Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary leaders taken to task for support of industrial wind.

Eric Bibler, President of the Massachusetts based Save Our Seashore citizen group, challenges the leadership of the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon) to assess industrial wind on the merits. Some folks have a problem getting their point across.  Well, that … Continue reading

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“Now is a good time to consider the massive misinformation campaign wind power proponents have whipped up in the mountains.”

Daren Bakst writes at StarNews Online: ‘Extremists’ push wind power regardless of the cost Mr. Bask, in his article focusing on North Carolina suggests, “While most attention has focused on mountain ridgelines, there’s been little focus on massive industrial wind … Continue reading

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For your convenience: Full text of FAA Cape Wind “Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation” final report with supporting documents.

Allegheny Treasures provides the following documents related to the FAA approval of the Cape Wind – Nantucket Wind Farm. We hope having all documents in one easily accessible post will encourage your review of the FAA decision. Enjoy! Screen Capture … Continue reading

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Trust me, it really is a solar panel … it just looks a lot like a 400 foot tall wind turbine.

From Business Week:  Spanish Wind Farms Registered as Solar to Win Higher Subsidies Seems wind farms in Spain registered themselves as photovoltaic generators, claiming the higher subsidy that solar plants earn. I don’t know what the fuss is all about, … Continue reading

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The view from Brightside Acres: Highland New Wind Development and the Endangered Species Act

From our good friends at Brightside Acres: Never Give Up Tuesday May 18, 2010 “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald Legal issues facing Highland New Wind Development (HNWD) will most-certainly delay construction of the … Continue reading

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The Society for Wind Vigilance: educating citizens on the adverse health effects of human exposure to wind turbines.

The Society for Wind Vigilance is “an international federation of individuals like you, who are concerned about the adverse health effects of wind turbines.”  It is a very important site for members of communities facing potential wind turbine deployment, or … Continue reading

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Highland New Wind Development, LLC and the Highland County (VA) Board of Supervisors face lawsuit if they continue turbine construction in defiance of the Endangered Species Act.

From the Industrial Wind Action Group:  Highland New Wind notified of intent to sue under U.S. Endangered Species Act May 14, 2010 by William S. Eubanks II and Eric R. Glitzenstein Summary: Concerned citizens and conservationists have joined with the … Continue reading

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