Giving new meaning to “Police Force,” Dalton McGuinty has directed his Ontario Provincial Officers “to investigate members of Wind Concerns Ontario and, if necessary, visit our homes.”

Normally, if you offer a product of real value, customers will break down your door to have it.  Unfortunately, industrial wind requires a slightly different approach.

You might recall a month ago we published this post:  And your thoughts on industrial wind? “I say North America must REVOLT big time and put a stop to this madness!”

The post included commentary from a concerned Ontario citizen, the Wind Concerns Ontario citizen group and an article from the Toronto Sun.  The Sun piece, titled Wind revolt won’t die; Rural opposition to massive turbine farms in the countryside won’t blow over was written by Michael Den Tandt and spoke to the growing furor of private citizens unhappy with the industrial wind scam.  The article concluded with this comment from the author:  “this revolt will not go away!”  He is, of course, absolutely correct!  The “resistor” groups are expanding rapidly.

So how does Ontario’s Premier McGuinty handle citizen dissent?  Take a look at the incredible post which follows, courtesy of our great friends to the north – Wind Concerns Ontario:

OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) calling us “resisters” – phone calls, visits, background checks on WCO members

“Excuse me, Mrs. X, we are from the Ontario Provincial Police. It is our duty to ask you whether you’re planning on attending and somehow opposing the grand opening of the International Power windplant?”

Dalton McGuinty has directed the Ontario Provincial Police Force to investigate members of Wind Concerns Ontario and, if necessary, visit our homes.   They refer to us as resisters. They already have been attending most meetings but now they claim they need to call our homes and visit our homes to “quell any possible violence”.

One member in Essex, a middle-aged, college-degreed educator to Ontario farmers on pesticide issues. Married. Mother of a teenage boy.  The OPP have done background checks, knew very personal information and have been around town asking people about her and her character. Enemy of the people?

Another woman in Chatham Kent has been called on the phone and the OPP insist on visiting her home.  A a stay-at-home mom who is also a farmer and enjoys gardening and baking.   Enemy of the people?

Their crime?   They opposed the erection of these turbines in their communities.

What is this all about? A simple ribbon-cutting ceremony headed by the CEO of International Power Inc. who happens to be the President of the Federal Liberal Party (Ontario).   This “ceremony” will be held Friday, June 25 at 11:00 am on Gore Road in Harrow.    Map

The OPP claims they are  following up on people who are strongly opposed to wind development in order to maintain public safety.    Where were the concerns for public safety when the MOE allowed these 40 story spinning structures to be built so close to where children sleep and play?

Here is a letter from one who is being targeted:

A few days ago a telephone call from an OPP officer from the Provincial Liaison Team called and questioned me if I was planning a protest against the AIM/IPC Wind Turbine project in my area which has scheduled a ribbon cutting ceremony for June 25th @ 11:00 am in Harrow.  When I asked how this officer  got my name,  he clearly indicated that I was identified through his research, as a strong and vocal resistor to Industrial Wind Energy and since the resistance to these projects seem to be mounting across Ontario, it was his job to identify those who could be involved in these protests in order to insure public safety.  I relayed to him that I wasn’t aware of any kind of protest since nobody had contacted me indicating an interest.   Two days later, this officer with another showed up at my house, (I wasn’t home) and left their contact information expressing their wish to talk to me.  I never asked them to come to my home nor did I express further interest in discussing  the issue.

Reflecting on these events,  it has  become quite clear to me, that our society has been turned upside down,  when those who wish to stand up for what is right and truthful become the target of  persecution and scrutiny, while an industry like Industrial wind energy is allowed, without proof of their claims, to pursue large scale development that will ultimately change everything about  rural Ontario.    Because of my efforts to simply call a spade a spade in order to deny these impostors the opportunity to gouge Ontario taxpayers of billions of dollars for a source of electricity that will not solve our energy issues, will not reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and contrary to popular perception, will no solve our environmental problems, I am the one being scrutinized by the police  as would a criminal contemplating his next harmful action.   Instead of outrage from the public, wind developers are allowed to continue to wrap themselves in the cloak of clean, green and free energy which merits them the moral high ground based on the perception that they are at least trying to do something about global warming.   After4 years of researching wind energy and energy issues,  I have yet to find the independent, objective studies (using real-world data, not models) that show that wind energy actually is technically, economically and environmentally beneficial.

I understand this officer was only doing his job, yet I can’t help to ponder that, if violence is of concern, than why are police officers not present during  hockey games or at school yards across Ontario when public displays of violence occur on weekly basis?  Why is this  public gathering any different?  Why is a  law abiding citizen, being observed so closely?  These tactics are disconcerting and somewhat unprincipled if one is to believe that we live in a democratic society.  Taxpayers should be outraged across this province since it appears that law abiding citizens are scrutinized with our own dollars rather than the unscrupulous activities many of these wind developers get away with over and over in each community they invade.

If this project had been transparent from the start with it’s information, I dare say that many would have trounced the idea of Industrial Wind Energy and we would have all been able to see that Industrial wind energy has very high costs with very low benefits.  Instead, residents like myself are allowed to be thrown under the big green bus and then questioned  and intimidated by the police regarding  our intents towards a simple ribbon cutting ceremony.  I hope all who read this can see that this is more than the police doing their “job” and in fact is a censure of our rights as Canadians to exercise our democratic rights of free speech.

WCO post ends.

Methinks the Premier might be taking his title a little too seriously.  After all, sending “troops” to intimidate civil dissenters is so third world.  Plus, the “genius” is simply exposing industrial wind’s failure as a viable source of energy.

Keep up the good fight WCO.  We are cheering you on.  When you finally succeed in sending the Premier and his hacks packing, please don’t send them to the US.  We disposed of our own Dalton Gang long ago and good riddance.

We urge readers to visit Wind Concerns Ontario often to follow the ongoing industrial wind shenanigans, and support them in any way you can.

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3 Responses to Giving new meaning to “Police Force,” Dalton McGuinty has directed his Ontario Provincial Officers “to investigate members of Wind Concerns Ontario and, if necessary, visit our homes.”

  1. Quixote says:

    Thanks Folks for posting this ……… a true Canadian I am absolutely amazed and ashamed to call myself Canadian right now with this “assault” on our beloved Freedoms and Constitutional Rights to Protest in a public forum!

    The TRUTH will always win over the ignorance and misinformation being unleashed on us all by these greedy Wind Industrialist all with the backing of our hired Public Servants or what they call themselves, our “Leaders”!

    The lead not I………….they only lead fellow investors intent on bankrupting an honest and hard working Public!

  2. Mr. Alias says:

    Just over a year ago, Site 41’s fight was years in the making and look what took place just before it ended?

    Remember Site 41

    For Immediate Release
    July 16 2009

    “Just yesterday the police said they had no issues with the protest. What has changed?” asks Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow. The Council of Canadians is urging the OPP and local police not to arrest anyone, but rather let the matter be debated at Simcoe County council instead. “The way to resolve this is not by arresting peaceful protesters. This highlights the urgent need for an emergency session of Simcoe County Council, and an immediate moratorium on Site 41 construction.”

    Remember who the government picked on first, those that they new to be the King Pins;

    “The entire community, including Georgian Bay cottagers and locals and First Nations are protesting the construction. The County got an interim injunction and last week the OPP arrested 9 people for blocking the construction, including an 82 year old retired farmer and his 76 year old wife, my 67 year old cousin and his 39 year old daughter, and other upstanding members of the community;

    With this issue, which is all of Ontario’s as well, they are trying to find the King Pins by picking on WCO in the hope to find something that they can turn into a mountain.

    This is part and parcel in creating the illusion that the Liberals need to fashion as an excuse to justify their own means. This is what is called deflection. Conjure up something in the guise of public safety for a risk that doesn’t exist to instill fear in the public’s eye in order to give the public something else to contemplate. Out of sight, out of mind and all is forgotten is a tactic that has been used by those in authority for years because it breaks down the masses into different thought groups and subsequently their drive and their goals that they would like to achieve fade away because the intimidation is successful. This in itself is easier to deal and create rather than the Bandits having to deal with the issue at hand.

    Do not lose sight of the fact that Wind Concerns Ontario is just the messenger, a medium by which we can address our apprehensions with one another.

  3. we started out as a cottage network! to raise awareness and funds for local area kids with diabetes in Huron& Bruce Counties …. “fair play ” for kids with diabetes from our Lake Huron cottage “GLENFIELD” . McGuinty liberal orchestrated excesses in total power via tax funded OPP and MNR enforcement officers, incompetent Ombudsman office activities, denial of basic right of free speech, harassments, intimidation tactics, questionable if not compromised tax funded Justice system JUSTICE system, etc…..all these totalitarian factors right here in “our” ONTARIO led me to expand our “fair play” activities and COMPASS NEWS email newsletter to openly challenge this growing McGuinty liberal abuse here in “our” Ontario. Time for a change … we are top heavy with recession proof powerful tax funded bureaucrats and unions. Join us by writing to “compassionate, independent , tree hugging, conservatives” at Thank you !

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