Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary leaders taken to task for support of industrial wind.

Eric Bibler, President of the Massachusetts based Save Our Seashore citizen group, challenges the leadership of the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon) to assess industrial wind on the merits.

Some folks have a problem getting their point across.  Well, that doesn’t seem to be the problem here.

To:  Bob Prescott – head of the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Taber Allison – Chief Scientist, Jack Clarke – public relations (or advocacy), and Jennifer Ryan – head of legislative affairs.

Have you folks ever even bothered to ask yourselves if wind energy actually works?  Have you ever done the numbers?

Do you realize that the developers are using your name – and all of the toothless rules that you subscribe to – to give their projects the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” – even though their projects are ruining the health and the quality of life of thousands of people who find it intolerable to live in their presence and even though the turbines kill birds and bats and produce “chronic noise” which destroys large swaths of habitat? Can’t you see that you are actually providing the political cover they need to abuse the environment in service of this trumped up grand vision of “green” energy?

Why don’t you educate your members, rather than living in abject fear of alienating those who are rabidly pro-wind energy – and who are doubtless grossly misinformed?

Shouldn’t your proper role be to fight like hell to protect conservation areas against this onslaught and to educate your members why they should resist the sacrifice of what little wildlife habitat remains to us, rather than squandering it on this technology which holds so little promise in the grand scheme of things?

How is it possible not to conclude that you have just cynically decided to bend with the political winds and avoid alienating the Audubon members who are rabidly pro-wind, rather than doing the hard work of educating them – and reminding them why conservation is also vitally important, in and of itself? Isn’t that the purpose which your organization was actually founded to serve?

It is truly tragic to see such a great organization frustrating the very purpose for which it was founded – and doing so much harm.  All the more so since you all seem to believe that you can lay claim to the moral high ground on this issue, despite that fact that you are enabling so much destruction.

Eric Bibler

President, Save Our Seashore


Oh, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  Take a look at this email from Mr. Bibler to his supporters:

Clear enough?

Well, it seems Mr. Bibler’s efforts are appreciated.  Take a look at this recent correspondence to Mr. Bibler from the National Parks Conservation Association:

This is Mr. Bibler’s reply to the National Parks Conservation Association:

Oh, did you notice that Mr. Bibler copied the National Park Service’s Mr. George E. Price, Jr. and the CCNS (Cape Cod National Seashore) Advisory Commission?  I bet they jumped right in to help get to the bottom of all this.

Find out next time about the efforts of Mr. Price, the NPS and the CCNS.  There’s just way too much going on in Mr. Bibler’s neighborhood to fit into one post.

AT Note:  Thanks to Jon Boone for pointing us in this direction.  View Mr. Boone’s excellent assessment of the Audubon Society and the Sierra Club at his very informative Stop Ill Wind.

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