Trust me, it really is a solar panel … it just looks a lot like a 400 foot tall wind turbine.

From Business Week:  Spanish Wind Farms Registered as Solar to Win Higher Subsidies

Seems wind farms in Spain registered themselves as photovoltaic generators, claiming the higher subsidy that solar plants earn.

I don’t know what the fuss is all about, in Germany they have diesel powered solar.

Anyway, it appears Spain’s National Energy Commission, while investigating a complaint that the solar folks were claiming to produce power at night, stumbled over the wind farm scam.  Not sure what will happen to the wind farm folks, but the Commission didn’t release the names.

The Commission found that the original complaint about producing solar power at night was not a problem.  The “night sun” was actually the result of a few faulty clocks unable to tell the difference between noon and midnight.

And to think, all this embarrassment could have been avoided if only the Spanish government had provided subsidies for clocks.

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