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Happily, nothing like this will ever happen at Pinnacle. After all, the folks in Denmark don’t know nearly as much about windmills as we do.

I don’t speak the language but I think there might have been at least one “oh … &*^)@(#” in there somewhere.  But not to worry, as the kids say – this is soooo last year. Here’s a related text article … Continue reading

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Bats deaths at wind farms attributed to lung hemorrhage … aka – the bends! As we move full speed ahead, is the remedy in place?

From Sciencentral.com – “Wind Turbines Cause Dark Nights for Bats” “The big knock on wind turbines has been that they’re dangerous to birds. But researchers have found that they actually kill more bats, and the reason why has been a … Continue reading

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Federal Judge asked to halt Beech Ridge windfarm – a matter of bats.

In a Washington Post video, “Retiree David Cowan, a longtime caving fanatic, is asking a federal judge to halt construction of the Beech Ridge windfarm, arguing that the windfarm will kill endangered bats. The lawsuit pits Chicago-based Invenergy Inc., a … Continue reading

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“Even if you accept the theory of man-made climate change, wind turbines are a rotten way to reduce CO2 emissions, or to improve energy security.” – Roger Helmer, MEP

The title above is actually the beginning sentence of a post tody by Roger Helmer, Conservative Member of the European parliament and Honorary Chairman of The Freedom Association.  His post is titled “The Wind Farm Scam.” In his post, MEP … Continue reading

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“Wind turbines show how costly ‘free’ energy can be.”

In commentary at Minnesota Public Radio Online, Ronald Reimer, an organic farmer in Ettrick, Wisconsin, writes today that “Most of what the public knows about wind turbines comes from the media.” That certainly seems the case here in the Alleghenies, … Continue reading

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