Happily, nothing like this will ever happen at Pinnacle. After all, the folks in Denmark don’t know nearly as much about windmills as we do.

I don’t speak the language but I think there might have been at least one “oh … &*^)@(#” in there somewhere.  But not to worry, as the kids say – this is soooo last year.

Here’s a related text article – “Minister demands explanation for windmill collapse

Here’s some interesting tid bits from the article:  Vestas itself will also now conduct an internal investigation to determine why the wind turbines have been breaking down. ‘We’ve still got about 35,000 wind turbines across the globe that are operating fine,’ said Peter Wenzel Kruse, Vestas’s spokesperson. ‘But they’re not infallible. We’re doing what we can and learning from our mistakes.’

Farmer Keld Boye, who lives in Vig where the latest incident occurred on Sunday, was clearly shaken by the wind turbine’s implosion. ‘I drive my tractor and my wife rides horses out there,’ he said. ‘Just think if we’d been out there when it happened.’

Well, we’re lucky here … no one ever goes up on Green Mountain.

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