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And another thing, Pop … what exactly do they grow over at the wind farm?

A knowledgeable commenter took exception to my use of the term “wind farm” suggesting that “A wind plant farms nothing, except perhaps income sheltering tax avoidance schemes.”  “Farm” is a funny term for a  line of metal poles with a … Continue reading

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Hey, Pop! Was that a UFO that just landed on the roof?

Thanks to Windtoons.com for the great lead to this sobering tale: From National Wind Watch – “Wind turbine concerns lead to road closure, home evacuations” McBAIN – A road in Missaukee County was closed for several hours Sunday afternoon and … Continue reading

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“Life Under a Windplant” – a documentary. Will you hear the wake-up call Mineral County?

“Life Under a Windplant”, Jon Boone’s documentary about the Meyersdale, PA wind facility, which he produced and directed with David Beaudoin, is provided here for your viewing, thanks to the courtesy of Mr. Boone. The documentary features how the wind … Continue reading

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