“Even if you accept the theory of man-made climate change, wind turbines are a rotten way to reduce CO2 emissions, or to improve energy security.” – Roger Helmer, MEP

The title above is actually the beginning sentence of a post tody by Roger Helmer, Conservative Member of the European parliament and Honorary Chairman of The Freedom Association.  His post is titled “The Wind Farm Scam.”

In his post, MEP Helmer notes that beyond relying on massive subsidies “the bitter irony is that wind farms will do little — or perhaps nothing — to reduce CO2 emissions.  Because wind is unpredictably and continuously variable, wind power requires conventional back-up, and the more wind capacity in the system, the more variability, and the higher the required percentage of back-up to ensure continuity.  Even the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) accepts a figure of 75% back-up required.  Generating industry players like E.ON say over 90%, while a recent House of Lords Report suggests that we’ll need 100% back-up.  The back-up will generally be gas-fired power stations, which will be run intermittently, variably and sub-optimally to compensate for wind variation — and therefore run inefficiently, with higher costs and emissions than necessary.  These higher emissions may well outweigh the CO2 emissions savings from wind.  Certainly Denmark, with the highest intensity of wind generation in Europe, has amongst the highest per capita emissions in Europe.

Read his full post here:  “The Wind Farm Scam

As a member of the European parliament, MEP Helmer, represents the interests of his 4.1 million constituents from in the East Midlands.”

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