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Too much CO2? Well, stuff it!

A couple of weeks ago over at Anthony Watts’ fine site there appeared a cautionary post by Eric Worrall regarding carbon sequestration.  Be sure to read his full and very interesting piece – 1 million tons of pressurised CO2 stored beneath … Continue reading

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Jon Boone eviscerates “AWEA’s evidentiary offerings on behalf of wind’s carbon saving/fossil fuel slaying potential.”

We are very pleased to offer Jon Boone’s most recent commentary on industrial wind, “Overblown.”  In this work, Mr. Boone, an environmentalist recognized internationally for his knowledge about the wind industry, challenges the latest American Wind Energy Association claim of … Continue reading

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Robert Bryce: “recent studies show that wind-generated electricity likely won’t result in any reduction in carbon emissions—or that they’ll be so small as to be almost meaningless.”

Robert Bryce, author of Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future, suggests in his article today that “Wind Power Won’t Cool Down the Planet.” Acknowledging that “the wind industry has achieved remarkable growth … Continue reading

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“it should be socially unacceptable to be against wind turbines in your area – like not wearing your seatbelt.”

The seatbelt silliness comes from Ed Millibrand, former energy and climate change secretary, now Labour leadership contender. And then there’s this gem from the same UK Telegraph article which suggests that, to accommodate industrial wind’s shortcomings, you only need to … Continue reading

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US WindForce asks MD PSC to include specific performance measurements in Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding!

C’mon, did you really think the wind developer’s idea for Renewable Energy Standards meant a request that the Maryland PSC, or any local, state or federal agency should require transparent reporting of the actual output from their wind turbines to … Continue reading

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Are Renewable Energy Credits a modern day snake oil?

Letter to Editor at Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News awaiting publication – “Renewable Energy Credits” – Jon Boone Letter begins: Submitted December 14, 2009 An organization known as Clean Currents, run by Washington DC wind salesman Gary Skulnik, is selling snake oil … Continue reading

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Denmark’s massive 20 year industrial wind effort brings no reduction in CO2 emission.

A few weeks ago we posted an excellent and revealing Wall Street Journal commentary from Robert Bryce, linked here for your convenience: “Will industrial wind replace fossil fuel? Just do the math!” Now, Mr. Bryce writes “Denmark is “energy smart”? Think … Continue reading

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Ms. Industrial Wind get’s hitched to Mr. National Grid while Pastor Politics holds the shotgun.

Ever find yourself talking back to a TV show?  You know, one of the opinion commentators or member on a panel show rattling on about some nonsense you just know needs challenged? I’ve just had a similar experience with an … Continue reading

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“Even if you accept the theory of man-made climate change, wind turbines are a rotten way to reduce CO2 emissions, or to improve energy security.” – Roger Helmer, MEP

The title above is actually the beginning sentence of a post tody by Roger Helmer, Conservative Member of the European parliament and Honorary Chairman of The Freedom Association.  His post is titled “The Wind Farm Scam.” In his post, MEP … Continue reading

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