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If “it’s not a matter of displacing or replacing coal or nuclear or things like that,” what exactly is the purpose of industrial wind?

I’m easily confused!  Let’s get that out of the way first.  So, maybe someone can help me understand the following: An article published January 7, 2009 at the Cumberland Times-News contained this quote:  “I think the important thing is that … Continue reading

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Filed under “maybe I’m picky,” is the latest Mineral Daily News-Tribune front page softball for US WindForce, LLC.

Maybe some will say “softball” is a little unfair.  I don’t think so, but if the word got you here to read what follows, I’ll take the criticism. Published this morning in the Keyser, WV based Mineral Daily News Tribune … Continue reading

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“Wind turbines show how costly ‘free’ energy can be.”

In commentary at Minnesota Public Radio Online, Ronald Reimer, an organic farmer in Ettrick, Wisconsin, writes today that “Most of what the public knows about wind turbines comes from the media.” That certainly seems the case here in the Alleghenies, … Continue reading

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If the wind is free, why do we have to pay you to take it?

In an earlier post, “Mountain Breezes – Green Energy’s New Coal?,” we spoke of the taking of the coal.  For decades past, and likely many decades future, the important, yet much maligned resource has, and will continue to feed the energy … Continue reading

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Mountain Breezes – Green Energy’s New Coal?

The citizens of the high Alleghenies are often portrayed as slow-witted and ignorant.  Outsiders form quick images of folks sitting on falling down porches, pooch at heel, puffing on a corncob of terbacky, sipping moonshine and just waiting for the last … Continue reading

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