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Global ignorance … industrial wind’s best friend!

This article arrived today courtesy of our good friend Cathy Stafford, of the Action for Planning Transparency group, based in Scotland. Proving once again that ignorance is industrial wind’s best friend, especially when it rests in a position of power, … Continue reading

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Wind energy in the classroom: “It does a disservice to students when teachers present them with information in the guise of science which is not supported by good scientific evidence.”

Recently, the National Education Association web site carried a posting titled “10 Ways to Go Green.” As we at Allegheny Treasures focus on industrial wind, our attention was drawn to Number 10, which pictures youngsters building a little windmill with … Continue reading

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“With the prime wind sites gone – or disappearing quickly – where does the wind industry go from here?”

From a recent Renewable Energy World article comes this comment – “The wind sector is suffering from its own success.” The writer’s reasoning however, is a bit different than we suggested here a short while back in our post – … Continue reading

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“Life Under A Windplant” – a cautionary tale playing out across the country.

Frank O’Hara sent a troubling article to me today titled:  Wind turbines stir up bad feelings, health concerns in DeKalb County The Chicago Tribune article begins with this:  “Months have passed since anyone has waved hello to one another in … Continue reading

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Are Renewable Energy Credits a modern day snake oil?

Letter to Editor at Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News awaiting publication – “Renewable Energy Credits” – Jon Boone Letter begins: Submitted December 14, 2009 An organization known as Clean Currents, run by Washington DC wind salesman Gary Skulnik, is selling snake oil … Continue reading

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Denmark’s massive 20 year industrial wind effort brings no reduction in CO2 emission.

A few weeks ago we posted an excellent and revealing Wall Street Journal commentary from Robert Bryce, linked here for your convenience: “Will industrial wind replace fossil fuel? Just do the math!” Now, Mr. Bryce writes “Denmark is “energy smart”? Think … Continue reading

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AWEA noise study – what you won’t “hear” in the industry funded report.

The Acoustic Ecology Institute commentary, “Wind industry study says no health effects – but omits any mention of sleep disruption” presents an excellent assessment of the recent study issued, and funded by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the … Continue reading

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A cautionary article from the New York Times: “With Wind Energy, Opportunity for Corruption”

Perhaps the following excerpts from the article will nudge you to read the entire article, which is linked here for your convenience – “With Wind Energy, Opportunity for Corruption” “In the United States, one of the top three wind energy … Continue reading

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Ms. Industrial Wind get’s hitched to Mr. National Grid while Pastor Politics holds the shotgun.

Ever find yourself talking back to a TV show?  You know, one of the opinion commentators or member on a panel show rattling on about some nonsense you just know needs challenged? I’ve just had a similar experience with an … Continue reading

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“… the total amount of power produced by all the 2,300 turbines so far built in Britain amounts on average to a mere 900 megawatts, barely the output of a single medium-size conventional power station”

An interesting read at Telegraph.co.uk.  The article has to do with the love affair between wind and the BBC, but here’s the quote that caught my attention – the total amount of power produced by all the 2,300 turbines so … Continue reading

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