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“When it comes to greenhouse gases, Denmark is not much of an environmental leader.”

Gee, but what about all those wind turbines??? (image courtesy of Windtoons) From the Copenhagen Post Online: Denmark’s environmental standards dismal FRIDAY, 29 JANUARY 2010 13:46 RC CLIMATE Agricultural practices and high reliance on coal, oil and gas gives the … Continue reading

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Denmark’s massive 20 year industrial wind effort brings no reduction in CO2 emission.

A few weeks ago we posted an excellent and revealing Wall Street Journal commentary from Robert Bryce, linked here for your convenience: “Will industrial wind replace fossil fuel? Just do the math!” Now, Mr. Bryce writes “Denmark is “energy smart”? Think … Continue reading

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The dirty little secret – Denmark still generates most of its energy from coal.

From the Los Angeles Times:  Denmark’s green credentials obscure some unpleasant facts – Though lauded for adopting wind power, its high recycling rate and its progressive policies, Denmark generates the most waste per capita in the EU and most of … Continue reading

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