“Life Under A Windplant” – a cautionary tale playing out across the country.

Frank O’Hara sent a troubling article to me today titled:  Wind turbines stir up bad feelings, health concerns in DeKalb County

The Chicago Tribune article begins with this:  “Months have passed since anyone has waved hello to one another in Waterman or Shabbona in rural DeKalb County. Some people claim they’ve even stopped going to church to avoid having to talk to former friends.

“It’s gone. The country way of living is gone,” declares Susan Flex, who lives in Waterman with her husband and their nine children.

The animosity stems from the greenest of energy sources: a wind farm.”

It is sad, but not at all unpredictable to see this play out time and again across the US.  The wind developers and their enablers, politicians and the media, push the fable of jobs, tax revenue, emissions reductions and green energy on to the unsuspecting public destined to live with the results long after the wind LLCs take the profits and move on.

Be sure to read the entire Chicago Tribune article, but before doing so, continue on.

A little while back Jon Boone, Environmentalist, Artist, Author, Former University Administrator and Formal Intervenor in Wind Installation Hearings, produced a documentary which he named “Life Under a Windplant,” embedded here for your convenience.

Now, when you read the article you’ll begin to appreciate how important it is to educate yourself, your neighbors, and your politicians to the consequences of choosing the unreliable, expensive and environmentally destructive industrial wind as an energy source.

Find, join or form a citizen’s group.  They are forming in every part of the country to take on the heavily funded wind lobby groups.  If you contact us in the comment section we will make every effort to point you to a group to assist you.

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