AWEA noise study – what you won’t “hear” in the industry funded report.

The Acoustic Ecology Institute commentary, “Wind industry study says no health effects – but omits any mention of sleep disruption” presents an excellent assessment of the recent study issued, and funded by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), which, according to AEI, “purports to assess all currently available research on the health effects associated with exposure to wind farm noise, and concludes that there are no such problems.”

The AEI commentary continues with, “The report, funded by North Americas two key wind industry trade organizations, centers on the symptoms of the reported “wind turbine syndrome,” and offers a robust critique of the idea that low frequency noise from wind farms can cause direct health impacts; meanwhile, however, the report minimizes the levels of annoyance and impacts on quality of life reported in other studies, and completely omits any assessment of the most widely reported health-related impact of living near wind farms, sleep disruption.

Read the complete Acoustic Ecology Institute  analysis linked above and also here, for your convenience.  Well worth your time!

Related information:  “Trade group funded study says allegations of adverse health effects from industrial wind unproven, so why spend the money to see if they’re real. What???

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