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A Day Out With Zuli

AT Note:  For best quality, please view in full screen.

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Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 4 and 5, 2012

Items of Interest: 1-“it is only now being recognized that offshore IWT installations have necessarily caused damage to the ecosystems, particularly coastal ecosystems, where they are erected, and that the infra sound generated by their vibration may in fact be … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to AT

Today is the second birthday for this obviously amateur blog.  It has been a great learning experience and many people to thank. After some 670 (admittedly sporadic) posts since beginning in September, 2009, I chose to celebrate by offering the … Continue reading

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“Letter From Your Country Cousin.”

We thank John Terry for granting permission to post his very entertaining and informative “Letter From Your Country Cousin.” As Mr. Terry notes:  “At its least, this piece presents some interesting pictures to explore. At its best, it prompts the … Continue reading

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Oakland Maryland resident takes Cumberland Times-News to task.

We thank Mr. Eric Robison for allowing us to post his response to the Editors of the Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News regarding their recent article “Which bat is which?” Letter to the Editor, I am responding to your article, “Which bat … Continue reading

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University of Maryland must insist wind developer partner will protect endangered species.

The following was sent this evening via email to University of Maryland Chancellor William E. Kirwan Subject:  University of Maryland – US WindForce Power Purchase Agreement Dear Chancellor Kirwan, Recently, US WindForce LLC touted the signing of a 20 year … Continue reading

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VA Wind questions Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality on “flawed” regulations.

As background:  The Commonwealth of Virginia legislature has passed legislation wherein permitting authority for industrial wind energy projects not exceeding 100 megawatts from the State Corporation Commission to the Department of Environmental Quality. Under the legislation, the DEQ is to develop … Continue reading

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Wind opponent asks questions. Wind Rep does scene from “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

In an opinion piece at the Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News titled, “It’s time to tackle climate change through wind energy,” wind representative Frank Maisano challenged a letter to the editor in which the writer asked specific questions about industrial wind. Typical … Continue reading

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“Blunt force trauma!”

That’s the cause of death reportedly determined by the autopsy conducted on a bald eagle killed at the Erie Shores Wind Farm in Canada.  Of course, it’s all a little hush-hush! So, here’s a reminder that, in spite of what … Continue reading

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Maryland industrial wind logic: “They had their privacy for years, and that’s being disturbed and interrupted. But the county has done what it had to do.”

I always liked folks who, when finding they screwed up, take the hit.  No qualifiers, no excuses! So, we’ve got one of this country’s largest utility in the process of constructing a $140 Million wind project which will plop more … Continue reading

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