Newsweek: “Beware politicians promising to put millions to work in a new ‘green economy.’ They can’t deliver.”

Interesting article from the upcoming magazine article dated Mar 29, 2010, Growing Green Jobs, Rana Foroohar writes that world leaders are “pinning their hopes for future growth and new jobs on creating clean-technology industries, like wind and solar power, or recycling saw grass as fuel. It all sounds like the ultimate win-win deal: beat the worst recession in decades and save the planet from global warming, all in one spending plan. So who cares how much it costs? And since the financial crisis and recession began, governments, environmental nonprofits, and even labor unions have been busy spinning out reports on just how many new jobs might be created from these new industries—estimates that range from the tens of thousands to the millions.”

Unfortunately, “The problem is that history doesn’t bear out the optimism.

Full article here: Growing Green Jobs

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