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Industrial Wind: Is there “a shift in the climate of opinion?”

Many readers of Allegheny Treasures point to a significant reassessment of industrial wind’s potential as a reliable source of “clean and green” power.  We note, in a piece by RocNow’s Steve Orr, he writes:  “Some say the shine has worn … Continue reading

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Coal is 24/7/365 – Wind is ???

(courtesy of Windtoons) Interesting read from the Credit Herald – a Financial blog:  New coal-fired power plant fuels debate Key thought from the article – “While burning coal releases CO2, the fuel has advantages over renewable forms of electricity. At … Continue reading

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Industrial wind + rare earth = Environmental Hazards

From the unintended consequence file, an important video from Public Broadcasting:  In the effort to expand green technology – Are Rare Earth Minerals Too Costly for Environment? Text from PBS NEWSHOUR Report aired – Dec. 14, 2009 Are Rare Earth … Continue reading

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