Wind in the Works – Southern California Edison and Industrial Wind LLCs

Information to share:

The document embedded below for your convenience arrived today.  Accompanying Southern California Edison’s Supplement to Advice 2333-E, Implementation of Affiliate Transaction Rules With Respect to the Creation of 12 Affiliates submission to the California Public Utilities Commission, was the recommendation that it be distributed widely.

As indicated in Attachment A, it appears Southern California Edison has entered into an equity partnership with a number of other wind LLCs, including US WindForce, which is awaiting WV Public Service Commission approval to build an industrial wind facility in Mineral County, WV.

The chart shows two active wind projects US WindForce contemplates in Maryland, which have not yet gone public, including  little known intentions for a project in the Mt. Zion area of Garrett County, MD.   The report does not include Synergics’ projects, or other US WindForce projects linked to AES, and, of course, the Clipper/Criterian/Constellation, which are active projects in this area of the Allegheny Front.

Concerned environmentalists, like Western Maryland’s Jon Boone, have been cautioning folks about the potential for thousands of wind turbines to be placed in the Appalachians, from Pennsylvania throughMaryland down to West Virginia and Virginia.  Mr. Boone emphasizes the importance of a strong network of concerned individuals to insure as much information as can be made available reaches the public.

Mr. Boone added this comment, “This is more than ominous. These wind LLCs are generally front organizations for large energy companies like Florida Power and Light and GE. I don’t know who owns Southern Cal Electric but it must be similar to the situation with Constellation Energy. All these outfits expect to shelter a lot of income through wind tax avoidance, which jeopardizes our entire region, among many others around the country. Expect Mr. Obama’s future energy bill and his “green jobs” stimuli to puff up these kind of projects. This has always been a serious threat, and now it’s imminent.”

Locations listed in the Southern California Edison report as targets for “Intended Business Activity” by Southern California Edison include Piatt County, Illinois – Otoe County, Nebraska – Cass County, Nebraska – Knox County, Nebraska – Clinton County, Iowa – Garrett County, Maryland – Lee County, Illinois and Benner County, Nebraska.

Please distribute!

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