News flash! Politicians support popular idea.

Politicians!  Only in the fantasy world of industrial wind would they be used as a beacon of credibility.

Where else would folks so desperate to promote an expensive, poor performing relic of the wooden shoe era look for support if not the Barnum and Bailey knock-off otherwise known as the US Congress?

You only need to think post office, mercury filled curly light bulbs and “cash for clunkers” to see that the three ring circus comprised of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives is not the first stop on the creative solution tour.

But that’s exactly the gang the wind folks turned to during the Iowa State gathering of presidential hopefuls, according to an article in Renewable Energy World, “In Iowa, Most GOP Nominees Back Wind.”  I mean, c’mon folks … they’re the same people who, moments earlier, were flipping pork chops and downing foot long sausages in an effort to convince voters they’re capable of running the country.

But you’ve got to hand it to the wind folks, they got almost every politician to sign their turbine blade.  Even Herman Cain, the no-nonsense business candidate and former company CEO signed the blade.  Before doing so Mr. Cain replied to a bystander concerned about subsidies with, “It’s free enterprise.”

Well, Mr. Cain … if were “free” they wouldn’t be asking politicians to mandate it’s use and hand out our precious tax dollars support it, would they?  Of all people, I thought you would stand away from federal subsidies which effectively chooses business winners and losers.  I’m very disappointed!

I wonder how Mr. Cain and the other candidates would have fared had they been asked to specifically address industrial wind’s dismal contribution to the energy sector.  How educated do you think these candidates are on the topic of wind power, beyond the information sheet the wind lobby attaches to the campaign checks?

The only thing the support of Republican candidates proves is, stupidity is not limited solely to one political party.

And if ever there was validation of the Will Rogers statement, support for industrial wind is it … “The more you read and observe about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other…”

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